Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not only do I rep it but I live on 38th

I live about 8 blocks from this picture, on 38th. I can't even start to tell you stories about that Super America gas station in the background (Via South Side Pride). Anyway Discobelle was first to point out these guys today, a very good look. I could write a book about why "hip hop" in Minneapolis sucks, I'm not even going to try to explain how boring it is out here. I am so pumped that there is someone sounding as hot as this from 'round here.

Rep Minnesota on Myspace.

These guys are local and I'm feeling it, I'm totally shook. I mean the kiosk at the Mall of America that I get Don Diva DVD's at has a freakin myspace.

Rep Minnesota - I Rep Minnesota (ZShare) (YSI)

Freeway Feat Chuck Wooley - Minnesota (ZShare) (YSI)

I just called it that because the title isn't too clear.

Is Freeway living in Minneapolis now? What is up with the Gophers shirt?

Check out Fic too. I mean look at this picture:

Hopefully there will be more from these guys on the way...

Speaking on Repin Minnesota, SI has a nice article on the cities two most famous roomates.