Thursday, September 21, 2006

Snap back to reality

Yesterday was a very interesting day 'round these parts. I woke up to a nice email from EZArchive that pretty much said that the RIAA wanted me to take down the Ludacris track. I did this without any hesitation whatsoever. I then started to wonder what is legal and what is illegal about posting mp3's. It seems like it happens all over the place and I've rarely heard of this being an issue. I turned to some very helpful fellow bloggers and everyone had different opinions. It wasn't until I got an email from Cory from Boing Boing and Craphound that I totally decided this was a battle I couldn't win. He emailed me the following.

"The RIAA asked your hosting
provider to get you to take the file down, but they could have asked
the ISP to turn over your personal information so that they could sue
you. They could do the same at YSI or Z-Share. You can play cat-and-
mouse with them if you want, but they can sue you at any time. They
can also sue you retroactively for the files you *had* hosted with
your old ISP."

That is more than enough for me. So that being said, RIAA- from what I've heard of you, I shouldn't fuck with you. I don't know how they can really fight what is going on around the internet, but they are trying. If you want more information regarding all of this visit Down Hill Battle of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

The site will not be shutting down, I have redesigned it just to show this. Dr. Boss and I are very excited about what we are going to provide and why you should "Still Listen" (ok that was bad). Anyway in the meantime please continue to send in your links for whatever you would like.

I want to thank Eskay at NahRight was a big help yesterday and today he has the new game single. Seriously, the balls (no homo) The Game must have to post up with a song called "Strip Club" after what 50 unleashed.

More in a little bit...