Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quote of the day.

This isn't something I do too often, but while I figure out some things going on over here I thought I would post this.

"Fifty and I never dated ...despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don't know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me."

- Mya

And DMX talks about being raped

I was sent in the release schedule for Asylum for the 4th quarter and Camron is still on there for a December 5th release of an album called "Shade of Black" on Diplomatic Man. So the countdown for the delay of this record can begin. Also on December 5th will be Lil Flip "I Need Mine" didn't he leak this record himself.

So have the new Rae record is going to be produced by Dre and half by Rza. Man I would have been excited for that about 5 years ago.

What a day.