Friday, October 20, 2006

Doctor's Advocate Tracklisting

This cover goes along with this track by Ras Kass (posted earlier today).

Ras Kass - Gayme Ova (YSI/Z-Share)

Here is the official tracklisting from Geffen for "Doctor's Advocate"

Lookin At You 3:37
2.Da Shit 5:23
3.It's Okay (One Blood) 4:20
4.Compton 4:41
5.Remedy 2:57
6.Let's Ride 4:00
7.Too Much 4:11
8.Wouldn't Get Far 4:12
9.Scream On Em 4:18
10.One Night 4:27
11.Doctor's Advocate 5:03
12.Ol' English 4:44
13.California Vacation 4:28
Bang 3:37
15.Around the World 4:05
16.Why You Hate The Game 9:22

This will be released the same day as "Kingdom Come"

Speaking of release dates. It is about time Clipse gets one, I like this headline too:
New and final release date is November 28, 2006