Monday, October 23, 2006

Fabolous Shooting Caught On Tape

Ready for this to end?
According to the New York Daily News, the surveillance footage captured one of Fabolous’ friends taking Telfair’s chain while another man watched. The two men then went into Justin’s restaurant, where they allegedly joined Fabolous and other friends.

The footage goes on to show Telfair shortly after making a phone call via his cell phone. About 20 minutes after that, a gunman unloaded 10 rounds at the least in a nearby parking lot, leaving rapper Fabolous with a gun wound in his thigh. Does this make Fab tougher than 50?

The gunman allegedly fled the scene.

Meahwhile his album which was set to be released early 2007, is now being released later this year. December will be a massive quarter with new albums from Young Jeezy (12th), Bobby Valentino (12th), and Ghostface (26th), as well as the Def Jam debuts from Nas (19th) and Fabolous (19th). November has been cleared for 'Kingdom Come' with no other releases, all Jay will be up against is Jimmy (11/7) and The Game (11/14).

One last thing, Lloyd Banks says that there is no beef between G-Unit and Dipset but the bigger news from Mixtape Monday is that Papoose claims we can expect The Nacirema Dream in January.