Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm Richer...Is Diddy gonna win?

I want to thank everyone that emailed and cleared up this lawyer issue earlier today. I come to find people just love the dips. But all that still goes, the legal stuff that is.

So this is the actual cover for the album above. Or maybe someone just took out the pink and added the title.

and this video..

Lil Wayne and Baby - Stuntin Like My Daddy video

I found this word...baaaaaaaaaaaaaaallin

Jim Jones - We Fly High video

So Puff put a freestyle on his myspace today. It sounds like he is going against 50. And he has a great line in there. "I'm Richer" I guess thats an Ether right? Its funny, I mean he must have more money and you know Curtis must hate to hear that Puffy made more off acne medicine than 50 made off the last Mobb Deep record. That kinda puts 50 in his place. This is going to get heated folks. Stay tuned.

Look up on the ledge 50 thats Sean up there and those are warning shots. Who is the K.O.N.Y? Thats King of New York people.

Anyone actually have Bulletproof? I think I am going to play this game.

Relax and Take Legal Note

I have noticed that there is a law firm that is checking up on us over here. I want to make sure you guys are just down with the dips, again we love this music (and encourage people to buy music-see links to the side). If there is any problems with this please let us know and we will take care of it by removing it.

50 Cent vs P. Diddy

I don't make too many 50 posts, I swear. But everytime from this point forward he will only be shown in video game form. Since I think he has pretty much morphed into this anyway.
Is it possible that 50 actually relase a diss that people listen to anymore? I think yes, this one is nailed. Kay building it up is real nice too, kinda makes the song if you ask me. Why does 50 Cent hate Puff Daddy? It sounds like he isn't too happy with Murder Mase either. I gotta give 50 credit here, he released this at least over a month before "Rotten Apple" by Banks comes out.

50 Cent- The Bomb (Dissin' P'Diddy)

I don't know if this will create a huge problem here, but I was pretty pumped to have this emailed to me. New Bloc Party, nope its not the entire record. Its just a demo of their new album, I guess its called "Weekend at Sea." This song is about some character in some book who goes to school and comes home and does drugs...very interesting, it could be you.

Bloc Party - Song For Clay (Demo) (LINK REMOVED AT REQUEST OF LABEL)

Here is that Hell Rell I lost yesterday, as of now Z-Share is still down. I think files will continue to be uploaded this way until anyone points out any problems, or until something better comes along.

Hell Rell - Hell Rell Anthem

And some Ghetto Whisky Riddim for all the dancehall heads out there. I am feeling this track

Vybz Kartel and Movado - How u Gun Rise

Young Buck was on Shade 45 talking about how Wayne used to kiss Baby all the time. This stuff is all kinda funny. I mean for real. Its funny, no homo. Oh and this is the cover to their new album. For those that don't know Birdman raised Weezy after his step dad was killed or something.

And the first single.

Lil Wayne and Baby - Stuntin Like My Daddy
"Sittin on my Yamaha Chromed out 1100"

Cardinal rumor from MSN, talks for Smoltz. The only way at this point the front office over there can make me happy (we also can't give up too much).

More in a bit.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

50 Cent is falling down.

50 Cent - London Bridge (With Fergie)

I don't know why I am posting this, so sick of mashups.

DJ BC Presents Wu Orleans
Bluegrass and Wu Tang, get it..its funny, its awesome right?

Want to know what is awesome, or was awesome on Sunday night? Gary Bennett and his walkoff homerun.

Slow morning over here, more later..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stylin ya'll heard about my kick game...

Where ya'll buy your shoes? Barry and Steve's?, Footlocker?
Dime Magzine put out a list of the the Top 25 shoe stores in the country..
Your a lucky son of a gun if your close to one of these as nothing is better than knowing you got the hottest kicks on your feet...

Also Forbes magazine says Mpls is the 2nd drunkest city in the country, after Milwaukee of course.. You know how we roll...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr. You Too?

I don't mean to post up all this G-Unit. Buck is the best out in G-Unit and Banks always interests me. The review of his record from The Fader from a few weeks back has me curious. When Banks first jumped on the scene he was all over everything keeping up with every beat and freestyling on it better than the original. The kid with the rubber band flow...right?

Banks is back at it and I expect a bunch of these freestyles to start droppin.

Lloyd Banks -Mr. Me Too Freestyle

and then...

Young Buck - "Prepare For War" (off his new DJ Drama)

N.W.A. meets the Clash

I'm SMH over this one. Not Paris and The Game, but Good Charlotte and The Game.

Fans worry they're getting to caught up in the glamour of Hollywood and Manhattan, the twins also recorded a track with their new neighbor and "one of our best friends in the world", gangsta-rific Compton MC, the Game. "We hang out with game all the time", Benji says. He also describes the collaboration-tentatively titled "Fight Song", a "N.W.A. meets the Clash".

"Oh we're definitely N.W.A.", says Joel Madden. "Or W.W.A.-Wiggaz With Attitude".

Good Charlotte's fourth album that currently has no title yet is said to be released in October, there is no official date on the release...

Meanwhile The Game's manager says Game and Dre are stronger than ever. Dre will be on the record too...nice

If you have yet to download the Lil Wayne and Juelz Cd "I Can't Feel My Face" you really should.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Can Touch It But I Can't Feel It

I didn't think this would leak just yet. I am not sure this is 100 percent final, some parts don't sound finished. I would expect more than 12 tracks I want more than 12. I guess I should have seen this coming, Wayne kills Juelz. I mean it doesn't surprise me but it does. I guess its just weird to think that he has totally passed Juelz, I have known this for a while. Don't get confused Juelz is hot as shit when he comes on tracks (See track #5 Rewind) but Wayne is the best rapper alive.

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana - I Can't Feel My Face

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Discount Starbury

It's important to have a tight shoe game, but damn, shoes have gotten expensive....
Stephon is on the case. In conjunction with Steve and Barry's, he's developed an affordable shoe for the hood rats that he promises to wear the whole season. How much? Try $15! No Joke! Man, these Knicks are crazy!

Holy Trinity of Comic

This track is produced by Rick Rock and is off of Federation’s sophomore album "It’s Whateva" due out some this summer.

The Federation - Stunna Glasses at Night (Yes there is heavy sampling of you know what)

I was bummed yesterday when I realized I missed Juelz's Cribs, but thank god for You Tube.

Juelz on Cribs

Peaches went and did another remix of Cheated Hearts by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix V2)

Lots of JT remixes over at Discobelle.

Cassie will be playing at the NFL Kickoff Special in Miami this year.

Want to see what Ciara looks like with out makeup?

How about a straight adaptation of FANTASTIC FOUR 48, 49 and 50? How about the name change of Fantastic Four 2... it's now called FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hardest Out

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We playing basketball...

Rajon Rondo gettin ready to bust a crazy move in an alley! Kind of diggin' these new green and black Celtics uni's with the prominent clover action from the NBA rookie photo shoot.

The Basketball Jones
tells us how to take the perfect rookie photo. They suggest throwing up the Roc-a-Fella diamond...

More on Wayne

Here is information on Wayne's arrest from Fulton Country and what he was carrying.

Here is the information directly from Fulton Country's web site.

Here are his 3 charges..


If you want to know what are schedule II and schedule IV drugs are follow this link.

MTV is on it now too
and it was pointed out that even the local press is gettin on this.

And not that it really matters but the police report has wayne listed as being born in '79 (September) and every report has wayne at 23, Wikipedia has him being born in 82.


Beware of the Dr. Boss mixtape drop below.

Gettin Piffy...

Here we come with what hopefully will be a weekly mixtape drop...
To start off, since this is Still Listen is the new 40 Cal mixtape
DJ Diggz - Dipset Next Generation

Track Listing
01. Camron - Weekend Girl
02. A-Mafia - Interlude
03. A-Mafia - Young Fresh Thuggin
04. 40 Cal - Interlude
05. 40 Cal - Hustlers Bounce
06. 40 Cal And Akon - Survivor
07. Hell Rell - Crack Commandments (Prod. By Dj Lazy
08. Hell Rell - Hell Rell Anthem (Prod. By Knoxville)
More tracks listed here

Whoo Kid - Young Buck Chronic 2006

Track Listing
1 - Jamie Foxx Chronic 2006 Intro
2 - Young Buck - Doin' My Thing
3 - Young Buck - Thug Til Your Death Day
4 - Young Buck - Ride
5 - Jamie Foxx Skit
6 - Young Buck feat. 50 Cent -Do It Myself
7 - Young Buck feat. Tony Yayo -Dont Make Me Hurt
8 - Young Buck - Return Of The Project Nigga
9 - Vibe Awards Skit
10 - Young Buck - Niggas A Change On You
11 - Young Buck - Gettin High
12 - Young Buck - Married To My Gun
13 - Young Buck feat. Hi-C - Get That Brick
14 - Vibe Awards Skit #2
15 - Young Buck feat. Hi-C, Lil Murda -Stomp That Snitch
More tracks listed here

Wayne Drugs?

Tonite I will finish season 1 on Prison Break. Season 2 starts next monday. Lil Wayne was arrested today. He won't go in with a tattoo of the prison, he was released on bond.

Lil Wayne arrested for drug charges (actual mug shot above)

"Officers say Carter had several drugs in his possession when they arrested him."

Story here

Mike Jones isn't a snich in Prison Break.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Chilly Gonzales

I don't know why all the sudden I feel the need to dedicate a post to Chilly G, but its time. I can't really say enough about this guy. I watched a 30 minute video this winter of him talking about how ringtones were the future and how tv shows will replace movies and I believed every word.

Gonzo is the man (I know all the French and Canadian heads that come here will stand up). I saw him playing a show with Peaches before Elastica at First Avenue way back in the day and I was shook as hell. The whole thing has been way played out since then with no one doing the shit as good as Gonzo and no one ever will. I have some videos to post as well as a decent Wikipedia link explaining exactly what it is he does. The videos are great and another reason why you tube is the best thing to happen to the internet in a long time. I never thought I would get to see this shit. The best part of this post is the live show I have from a WMFU broadcast. Its the shit, seriously and take my word the quality is great. Watch the videos then download the live show, and then go get The Entertainist, you can get it on Amazon for $3.71 right now (or use some creative means).

Live show (its super awesome quality):
WFMU - Scott Williams Show 10/4/00
Peaches + Gonzales + Bitch Lap Lap
and the credits:
Peaches: Vocals & Groovebox
Chilly Gonzales: Vocals & Minidisc
Feist/Bitch Lap Lap: Vocals
Click anywhere for download.

For info on Scott Williams jump

PS, anyone know who Bitch Lap Lap is?

Lotsa YouTube videos:

Gonzales - 1000 Faces

Gonzales - Take Me To Broadway

Peaches & Gonzales - Red Leather

Gonzo and Feist at Trash

Chilly Gonzales and Jamie Lidell

and some slightly Gonzo related stuff...

Peaches - Downtown

Taylor Savvy - Topsy Turvy

Mocky feat. Feist - Fightin' Away The Tears first single from Navy Brown Blues

And I think I should direct some attention to the label that gave a shit about this stuff way back.

Kitty - Yo

and for those that don't give a shit about this, here is some music for ya.

Keils Feat Nas - Blindfold Me

8-Ball and MJG Feat - Project Pat Relax and Take Notes

Tonite Garza vs the Blue Jays and then Wu-Tang (I almost forgot)

Sorry for the sports here all the sudden.

I knew Dusty was a bad manager, but not a snitch...

This was a surprise

But this isn't

Go Vikes. Have a nice weekend everyone.

Oh and don't kill me for throwing some ad space up there. I am trying to get some money together so I can host stuff and not deal with Z-Share and things. If anyone knows of some other painless and semi decent looking ads let me know. I'm not tryin to make any money off any of the visitors here just trying to improve things.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Straight outta Paris. Cry V worked this cover out (not the final cover). Ask me and its hot as shit. This is just a cover worked out for the Grimy Kid/Barostik tape that will drop.

Check out the work of Grimy Kid over on his space and check out Barostik. Word is Agallah is going to host this tape.

Lil Wayne is going to return the favor to Mr. Thicke and is going to be on a track called "All Night Long" Here is a little bit of this song..

This track is killin it right now.

Robin Thicke - Cocaine (prod. by Neptunes)

I'm thinkin this Robin Thicke record could be really nice (Gonna drop on 9/12/06).

Cadillac Don & J-Money - Peanut butter & Jelly

Don't know much about this tune. What I do know is this, this single is the first single from Clarence Witherspoon's record label. Remeber Clarence? Label is called 35/35 and the album will come out thru Warner Music in October. Clarence..Anyone know where the 35 comes from?

Glancing over the Asylum release schedule for the 4th quarter I find that Max B has an album on the way the title is still "TBA" but it is scheduled for November 6th. Look for this to changed. I know these dates are always going to change, but something really struck me on this schedule. Camron has something on the way on December 6th.."Shade of Black." But there is a clean version that comes out the same day, from this I will assume its a new record.I am still waiting on more information regarding this. I will pass it along when I get it. Oh and the Chopped and Screwed version of "Killa Season" has been cancelled.

And news from the now married HOG..

Final doomsday note for GUNIT. They announce their latest "associate" Todd Smith............

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get your weekend on.

I obviously wanted to wait till Friday to throw this up. I couldn't..

Could this be the summer jam from the dips that I have been waiting on?

Cam'ron - Weekend

I don't know what the deal is with this file. I can only play it in itunes (two Itunes plugs in one day). Windows media player ain't workin for me. I guess winamp will work too.

and more dipset..related stuff

Agallah - NY Ryder Muzik (Prod. DJ Premier)