Monday, February 26, 2007

Timberland vs Scott Storch

The Timberland/Scott Storch situation was starting to bubble last week, but now it has been brought to a full boil. Timber went off Scott Smurf a bit on MTV's "My Block" last week, and then had some more quotes over the weekend. During MTV's Overdrive Timbo dropped some more ether saying, "simply wordplay is not Hip-Hop" and "Kids wanna snap & lean. It's cool but that's not Hip-Hop."

The beef has now escalated to the point that Scott Storch has released a diss track called "Built Like Dat" and it features Nox. This track can be heard over at HHNLive and NahRight.

Rap beef is so first quarter of '07, producer beef is way more interesting.

By the way Timberland's album 'Shock Value' is supposed to come out March 27th.

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