Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Whole Movement is Gangsta

I really can't say enough about Ju Ju. I am still getting over the show a few weeks ago. He was so fuckin slick. Boss and I watched the bonus disc from "WTGBM" the other night it included behind the scenes shit from video shoots and photshoots. As well as a interview from the studio. They were playing this totally fire Juelz song that didn't make the record. It had Little Ja Ja on the hook. Someday. Anyway the DVD was great, I suggest you cop it. We got it off Netflix.

Today we have this track

Dem Franchize Boyz and Juelz - Show You What I'm Workin With

No problems here.

There is here though... another Swagger Jacker!


Monday, February 27, 2006

Girls Pause When They See Me

Each week I get a little bit more a taste of "spring fever." This is all I need. It seems official. Or more official than that Ghostface "Leak." I felt kinda bad not making a bigger deal out of the 100th post today. So here goes with some late night SLTGM update.

The streets need this Dre ep. On this we finally get a taste of what Dre has been doing with Rakim, and its real nice.
Years ago I saw this clip of dre in the studio playin tracks and he was with Rakim. They were listening to a beat that 50 used on "Get Rich." I am really feelin what Dre is doing on this track called "after u die" with Rakim.

I want to review these tracks for you, but you should for sure download them. Nate Dogg sings a nice hook on the first track, but its the Rakim track that I want to listen to again.

Dr. Dre- Detox Ep

I know its a bit early, but will 2006 see the release of a new G n' R record and Dre? Do you remember when Detox was going to be a "gangsta musical" with Denzel Washington?

Writters block should be out any day now, and "Gangsta Grillz" (Vol 6?) Is going to happen soon.

I will find out more.

I'm Talkin Down South Mardi Gras

Someone wake me up.
I never could have dreamed I would see a music video like this.

I try not to ever do or say anything politcal on here. I guess I will leave that up to Juvie.

Juvenile - Get Ya Hustle On (VIDEO)

The other night at the wolves game I got a chance to get in the ear of Mello. I gave him a good old "stop snitchin." He looked at me and smiled. Mello is a good dude, even thought he beat us at the buzzer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is Dip Music

Guess what? Its starting to get nice outside. Its almost time to put my amp in my Jeep. It is going to be rough keeping up with all the heat that will be dropping. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very good summer for the game. Bump.

Dipset vol 6 was pushed back. Did anyone really think that it was actually going to come out on the 14th? Some people say that the reason for the delay is cause Cam is locked up in DC right now. I forgot about that. I haven't really heard anything from him in a while, that would explain it.

Meanwhile I have some tracks off the new big mike mixtape. Don't sleep. This is the largest dipset update in forever on here. We also get a really good look at round four of new dipset members Chubby.

Juelz Santana - You know, You know

JR Writer - The Movement is Moving (Ma$e diss)

Hell Rell feat JR and Chubby - Yayo

JR Writer - Come Work For Me

Chubby feat Hell Rell - Dip Music

Chubby feat JR - Babalu

I saw FD3 last night. A real gem. There was some Lost content in the movie (I should save the lost for the other blog). I didn't even realize but in the first Final Destination movie the flight that they were supposed to take was 108. The number 108 keeps showing up in the movie. What is the significance of 108? Anyone. Is it the number of death. Get over to the turntable lab blog for a great write up of FD3.

Also what is up with this movie the ATL?

Its nice to read about Bossman about to "blow" on allhiphop. I have been following this cat via Government Names for a while now. I have liked everything that I have heard, I just hope he gets support. I think San Fran is about to blow, and I think Baltimore is close.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Grime Report. Crazy T Dude... SHIT

This might be the post that everyone sleeps on. But you shouldn't. I don't usually throw up any Grime shit. I should do this more. Grime is nuts, so many crazy things happen.

Remember when Dizzie got stabbed for slappin' a girls ass.

Thats nothing. V'79 pointed out some really hot information that seems like it is true. If it isn't true don't hate. The two sources we are using might not be the most reliable, but whatevs cut some rope.

Let me introduce Crazy Titch to some of you who don't know. Now you will.

Crazy Titch is just that..crazy. See picture below of him throwing knives. Wikipedia says that he has spent five years in Aylesbury HMP for robbery, handling stolen goods, theft, burglary and criminal damage. Game respect game. I'm curious what exactly criminal damage is.

It is also on this Wikipedia page that a little bomb gets dropped:

Crazy Titch is currently on remand after being charged with the murder of East London music producer Richard Holmes. The trial is expected to commence in mid-2006.
WHAT! Does anyone else know about this? Know I know Crazy Titch going to prison might not be headline news on yahoo. But how in this hour of gorilla journalism could a story like this have been passed over?
The only other news that could be found comes from this message board.
If you don't want to click here is what the poster had to say:
"crazy titch has been jailed 4 attempted murder. he is being kept at pentonville prison in isligton (north london). u wont find this out on da internet or news 4 sum reason but i no coz i saw him wen i went 2 visit a bredrin. i think this iz coz he didnt do it. supposedly he nd 2 other people shot 1 bre in da arm, leg nd bak coz he wont giv up names of sum ppl who dissed crazy's crew.this is da wat i no, no lie. but im 100% sure y he iz inside but all i no iz dat i saw him wid my own eyez."
Maybe not the most reliable post, but I still believe it. I mean dude saw him wid his own eyes!
I also like people being typed as "ppl"
Anyway please let me know if this shit is true.
Meanwhile, here are some tracks from Crazy T.
Oh and how about that new Gunners song?

Monday, February 20, 2006

What Do You Want to Know About Steeze?

Juelz. V'79 called me a bastard. I kinda am. I mean I got to see Uncle Ju Ju. During "Santana's Town" Boss said the best thing ever "I can't believe I am in a room full of people yelling dipset" As he said this I had an eagle up in the air. He did everything, everything you would have wanted him to do. It was crack, I mean he is crack. Human crack.

Next. TI. The King. I am starting to get kinda crazy about him. I know he is going to blow. I am going to say that this song is the first summer jam. I mean we are still in Feb and its like -20 here in Minneapolis, so what I am I doing talking about summer jams? I know this is one. Boss said it best "I could listen to it on repeat" It is "Stay Fly" good.

T.I. - What You Know

This shit is something you have to hear. Way better than Ghostface dissin D4L.

Dem Franchize Boyz - Fuck D4L - Part 1
Dem Franchize Boyz - Fuck D4L - Part 2

I don't know how I feel about Nas these days. I mean I don't have any respect for him, because he has no pride at all. I do think he has some hot shit out there ("Made you look", "Suicide Bounce" and "Making of a Perfect Bitch" (there are some more). I am for sure not counting the days till him and Jay drop a track together. I actually don't really care too much about this at all (outside of the Cam content). I read somewhere that someone said it was like your parents getting back together. I think this is perfect, but I will expand. I know if my parents got back together my first thought would be YES. But then I would realize that this really isn't the best thing and that they are too old and don't really have any reason to get back together, too much has been said.
And that being said. This mixtape is hot.

Dirty Harry Presents Nas Living Legends.

Check out Notes from a Different Kitchen for a nice 2005 wrap up. Glad someone else feels the same way about the Bloc Party.

Oh and if you wanna see a picture of me meeting the big ticket head over here.
Sorry I wasn't around on Friday. Your boy was out sick.
But i'm back.

I still don't know what to think about this. Good luck Sidney, thats all I can say. Stay away from all night Limo trips to see Metallica the night before you pitch.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

People Wanna Know.

Today is going to be a weak post. Remember that when I drop some serious heat.

It looks like "writters block 3" will be out before diplomats vol 6. Kinda sucks, but at least we get something.

Was anyone else surprised that Hell Rell's record comes out in like 2 weeks?

Go to JR's web site and check out the track dissin 50 and ma$e. By the looks of it, it's gonna be on WB3.

I have been all over this snowman mix tape. I know its been posted all over the place. V reminded me yesterday about it and since then I haven't stopped listening to it.

DJ Drama and Young Jeezy - Can't Beat The Snowman

Boss and I were engaged in some very interesting Eminem conversation a few weeks back. Trying to figure out what his plan is now. The first thing on his plate is obviously going to be this obie trice record "second round on me" Here is a track off that record produced by E.

Obie Trice - They Wanna Kill Me

Side note about Obie, other than the bullet still being in his head. Word on the street is that at the Grammy's last week Tommy Lee was talkin shit about Detroit, Obie Trice and Kid Rock (what were they doing at the Grammy's right) both didn't like this and gave Tommy a Detroit style beat down...good look

Dice I was going to mention the meeting with the Big Ticket. But I was waiting for you to talk about it first. Anyway, its true. I gave Kevin Garnett quite a bit of a good game yesterday in the style of a massive hand pound. Kevin is the man. Too bad the Wolves suck. The fucking Raptors!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've Been Awake.

Sorry for the lack of movement here, I haven't been sleeping. I was working on stuff. I have been swamped. We are doing a show on Saturday night, real last minute and we are trying to get a ton together for it. Including our very own mix tape, direct from Paris to Minneapolis. I will put a file up here for download when that gets finished (thanks to Cry V'79, Boss and Lady J).

Nuff excuses, here is what I got. This is going to be all over the place. This are going to really pick up, lots of shit is going to start coming out. The Hova Ova tape will be out next week.

More 50 cent disses. This time from Jada and Styles P.

Sorry Miss Jackson

I think Dipset tracks are going to start getting huge. Lots of shit is going to start leaking.

JR Writer - Welcome to Dip Set City

Freeway to sign to G-unit. This is horrible. And who really cares. The roc is falling apart though and thats ok.

Click here for the MP3 of Free on Shade 45.

Also this yayo shit is crazy. This from Tony's lawyer.

"I have informed [the authorities] that I am his attorney and that we will not be making any statements to law enforcement. I say that because after what happened to Martha Stewart and Lil' Kim, I don't think any competent lawyer would allow his client to speak to authorities, and it's not in [Yayo's] character to speak to the authorities."

And now totally off topic:
Timberwolves fans were really hoping for Ron A to come here. He obviously didn't. He is wearing number 93 now. Wonder why?

The inspiration for it came from a hip-hop album by the group Souls of Mischief called "93 'Til Infinity." For Artest, the number symbolizes an unlimited future and a release from emotional burdens."

I know mash-ups are so 2004/5 but here are the "bests of the year" Someone might be interested in someone elses opinion, someone might still be interested in these.

Best of Bootie.

News fro AllHiphop regarding the Nas/Jay situation:
A little b-birdie told me that Jay-Z and Nas have an interview coming up on BET. Now from what I understand this has Jigga talking about the Cam’ron stuff, where he was very cool, calm and collected. But, I have been told that Nas will go in for the kill on Killa Cam and rip him to shreds. Now, this interview has already taken place so it is set in stone. Rumor says, Nas said to Jay, “You don’t have to talk about him, but I will!” Apparently, the mutual respect they have for one another is evident, but both Jay and Nas said that their respective dis record, “Ether” and “The Takeover,” was better than the other‘s. AND, they both say they won the actual battle. I don’t know when this airs, but I’m gonna look for it! Oh, and Cam’ron…I’m sure you know that Nas and Dip Set haven’t gotten along in the past few years either. Jimmy Jones has deemed himself the “kufi smacker,” because Nas used to rock those a few years ago. Not a good name with all the angry Muslims around these days! LOL, but don’t doubt that Jimmy will do it in the name of Hip-Hop!