Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Kash


Another Charles too. Wait that doesn't make sense. Another Rider too, or another Writer. Number 34. That makes a little more sense.

Does anyone know about Ray Cash, I do know his record was supposed to be called C.O.D. I can't find any info on it anywhere. Maybe they feared a lawsuit from the fine people over at kevin kash dot com. It has always been said that Kash's first record was to be called Kash on Demand.

This is a Ray Cash and Jr. Writer track. I have spoke the praises of Jr many times on here. He keeps getting better. I am so curious for his record. I just have no idea if it is going to be filled with stuff like this and mezmorize. God I hope so. He comes like Cam on this. Real serious. So great it begs me to question if Cam is still writing his verses for him. Baby Cam or not it doesn't matter because Jr keeps doing it.

Ray Cash feat Jr. Writer - Cut The Shit

My top 5 tomorrow. I know you all been patiently waiting.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

She Wants Her Reggaeton

UPDATED (1:28pm Minneapolis hour)SEE BLOW:

Ever since I spent a weekend in Puerto Rico I have really felt close to this genre. It might have something to do with the fact while I was sippin Moet Mimosas at a club or gettin on some Cris on top of a hotel on white leather Reggaeton was always playing. In Vegas all you hear is coins droping, but Puerto Rico I swear all you hear is Daddy Yankee and Pitbull. Ok well this isn't really true, I kinda remember them playing Lloyd Banks in the before mentioned club.

In case you are not familair with Reggaeton you should be. I know I am months and months late with this but if Pharell can fuck with it now, why can't I? I mean I am not really that late, Pitbull might be one of my favorites in the game right now. Over a year ago my friend (from Puerto Rico) started to tell me about Reggaeton. He simply explained Reggaeton as "an ass in your face" its kinda true. I really liked that explanation. To top it off Culo simply means nice ass.

This track comes from Pharells often delayed "solo" album called "In My Mind". I didn't know what to think when I heard he was doing a track with Daddy Yankee called "mamacita." I'm really unfair to Pharell, I mean my first reaction was "who the fuck does he think he is." I'll tell you what, this track is really good. As is just about everything Skateboard P has done over the past couple of months.

Skateboard P feat Daddy Yankee - Mamacita

One more thing to throw up today while Top 5 is on hiatus. A new JR track. The story with this track is really funny. I guess this was recorded a few weeks ago and the guy who produced this lost Duke Da God's phone number and is looking for him. Crazy huh? Its a "demo" because he is looking to get a hold of them for final mixes. These guys are from Canada which is also really cool. Canada to Harlem.

Littles feat JR Writer - Im Reloaded

UPDATE: Holy shit dipset kid. This might be the coolest kid I have ever seen. Oh wait you want more? How about he "picks it up" This one is kinda funny too because it takes a very serious level, maybe cause it isn't a game.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Broken Silence

Foxy Brown is deaf. Its too bad, because she will not have been able to hear this song.

Clipse come perfect on this. People are starting to go crazy about Clipse. Its odd what happened to them. I am trying to think of a comparison, it would be like if a musican only put out like 1 or 2 albums and then kinda vanished. I don't want to actually go ahead and compair Clipse to this band, well because that would be absurd. Or would it?

Clispe Feat Vybz Kartel- Double Down

I have posted up plenty of Vybz Kartel recently. After the talking to I received on Friday night about dancehall I wanted to keep em going.

Thats its for today. Oh I guess kinda decent news B.G and Mike Knoxx are signed to G-Unit. I really don't know what is going on here. Speaking of G-Unit, I listened to LA Wasteland this morning. Thats one of the new whoo kidd cds. Its actually decent. I like Ma$e on "Lighters Up" and on "Window Shopper". Young Buck has some hot tracks, reminding us why he is the best member in G-Unit. And we get to hear Eazy E's son.

Top 5 will resume very soon. Like tomorrow maybe..

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Go shorty, it's your bat miztvah

Papoose is kinda the man. I kind touched on him yesterday. I think he could be really good, he just needs to be shown the way. There is something really raw about his flow. He kinda reminds me of Game long before his record dropped. "The west coast Jay-Z".Not only are his mix tape covers awesome but the man can throw it down too.

So what is the problem with Papoose? Does he need a produce to really make him fire? You be the judge. Also best song title of the year.

Papoose - Hummin Like a Slave prod- by eminem

Here is some dips as well. I know you have most likely heard this song, its fire. But I can't get enough of it.

TI- Feat Cam'ron and Julez - Royality

Tomorrow I should have the first Top 5 list for ya'll. I know you've been patiently waiting. Its going to be good.

Oh and file in the what the fuck catagory. 50 cent plays bat miztvah along with Steven Tyler. Click here for more info and pics.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Oak Street In A Range Rover

I really have not thrown up new dips in a while, so its about time.

I also want to spotlight a new producer. Breez.

I really think I am onto something here. I will say so myself. Breez. Have you heard of this producer? Breez. I am way into him. He was all over this track he did with T.I., Lil Flip and Lil Wayne that I coped a few months back. Check out his official page here. The bio is a great read.

I also think this song is good, again somehow Breez manages to get a ton of people on one track. Breez is so cool because he doesn't use an E at the end of his name. The only proplem here is there is too many people and the song fails to really have focus. I think Papoose is really good here, is a record going to ever be released by him? Could 2006 be the year of Papoose? I like him up with Cam too. Good look.

Its still very respectable.

Cam'ron Feat Papoose, Allstarr,Slim Thug & Tef - My Jealousy

I guess hot 97 played a new Cam/Kayne track off Killa season and people are going nutz over it. Anyone have the word?

In the next couple of days I am going to spotlight some people and their Top 5's of the year. I will be throwing up lots of music soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who You Think Your Car Jackin'

Akon, company and some geography.
While his record might not be the best or worst everytime he pops up on a track he kills it. He sings insane hooks and his vocals sound so good. Akon is the man, I mean he grew up in Senegal and then moved to Jersey. Then he started stealing cars. The best thing about these tracks that I am putting up today isn't Akon in fact, its the others on the tracks.

France, France is doing it really big right now (for those that speak French they tuerie it), not only do I have people over here holding it down helping out every sec they can with kevin kash dot com, but they have guys that are fucking doing it.

This track has been blowing up all over I know nothing about Monsieur R. I have no idea what he is saying at all. But its fucking great. Akon sings in English and Monsieur R raps in French, what a brilliant idea. I heard that this was the youth anthem a few weeks ago. Actually Monsieur Vernon told me that Fireman was the anthem for the streets over there, but thats a different story. This might be one of the top singles of the year. I can't say enough about this track. Brilliant.

Akon feat Monsieur R - Rebel Musik

Then my man HOG pointed out this one to me. Good look. And this is what he had to say about it. "Young Jeezy and Akon Soul Survivor remix with Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, and Vybz Kartel. Sick gangsta life track with a sung hook that could only be better (maybe) if Nate Dogg was signing it. This remix takes it way beyond the next level. Shabba comes screaming like he has been locked in a basement for the last ten years. His screaming about guns and murder while Sizzla tries to keep it righteous is pretty tight. Shabba destroys this track. "

I don't even need to say anything else.

Young Jeezy feat Sizzla Akon, Shabba Ranks and- Vibez Kartel - Soul Survivor

Thursday, December 08, 2005

College Park

Yes there is a college park in ATL.

Atlanta has been on my mind today, thanks to Boston getting rid of their stolen shortshop Renteria. I have never wished for a player to do so bad, and he didn't come up short. Maybe I have talents, maybe I'm like Walt on Lost.

Renteria is on the Braves. Thank you Braves, I no longer have to check Boston box scores to see how Renteria is doing.

and now..

Mr. Coli Park. Also from Atlanta. He is doing something and soon if not already everyone will know who he is. Ya heard of Ying Yang? You have heard of Coli Park. He has been workin with DJ Smurf for quite a while. Bang, Coli Park. He brings it on these two tracks and It will give you a good idea what he is about. Maybe I should just put "Wait" up then you will know.

Forget about it.

Youngbloodz Feat T. Boz-It Is Good

This next one I know very little about, I do know that I love songs called "Flatline."

Home Bwoi-Flatline

Head over to kevin kash dot com. We will be giving you the entire line up real soon for the show January 7th. We just need to have all the details covered before its announced. Have fun.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mo Killin For Killa

I promised some new cam.

Here ya go (I hope it counts).

Sin Feat Cam and Bezel-Thanks to Me

Lots of news today in the music world.

Em is getting back together with Kim. It seems like this has happened a million times, but he is also real serious about hanging up the mic. I think this is a good thing, drop it and come back in like 5 years. Its going to be interesting to see what happens to Eminem. It would be really cool if he just appeared on random shit over the next oh lets say 10 years and really kept quite.

50 Cent is up to it again Mas talked DMX out of retirement and DMX is now on G -Unit. Word is that lots of people are going to be on G-Unit. Its not cool. Not at all.

Dip Set Bitch.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Where Oh Where Has Lil Jon Gone?

Right here.

Thanks Boss, big ups to this track. I hear he is working on a new record, which is nice. I am all for Jon. He really is the shit.

Lil Jon feat BME and Sean Paul (youngbloodz)-Snap Ya Fingers

Tomorrow new Cam track. I have it, but I don't want to drop too much in one day.

Get The Boat, Water Skies

Oh yes wait a minute.

Anyone catch the making of the video with Juelz for Oh yes?

Anyone catch Mariah giving a shot out to Cam at the Vibe Awards?

Two really nice things I got to see.

And I have one nice thing to post here.

Juelz-Oh Yes/Clockwork Video

I will get more up later, lots going on over here. Lots to report soon.

Friday, December 02, 2005

This Is The Remix

This doesn't really count as a song, and I feel kinda rushed here. But I didn't want to leave for the weekend with nothing up. This is pretty new, its been around but I just saw it today.

Cam Feat Hell Rell-Get Em Daddy (Remix) Video

Wait till you see this shit. Do you know how cool Killa Season is going to be?

I just got a great email from a good friend of Mine. He had this to say about dips "I tried Cam he is like a cut rate Ghost. Even that might be giving him too much credit. Juelz is ok for a mixtape guy, Capo Status straight up sucks. I'll have to keep an ear peeled for hell rell"

Dips are just planting seeds, I thought this would be there year, it wasn't. But next year might just be.

I read today that Kells has recorded 22 chaperts now. I can't wait. I have been all over Akon the last couple days, his record isn't so great. His guest spots are.

Lots of Jump Off's this weekend birthday parties and the like. Not to mention the shit that is going to drop next week. Sorry to be so vague right now but its Friday afternoon and I have some shit to do before I get outta here.

Oh and that picture up there is the interior of Cam's range..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lil Boy Is Fresh

Yep, thats Juelz and his twin. I like how he is ovbiously taking advantage of some 2 for 1's somewhere. Juelz take care of him, but that 84 jersey is obviously next level.

I have been all over Mariah recently, not as much as Boss but all over her. I mean I am not driving all over the city looking for Glitter, although I did watch that movie a few years back. So it should come as no surprise that a Mariah/Juelz track was going to happen. Since we follow the movement. I don't have any information on this. It might be on the relfix album that she just put out, but I doubt it. There is no way that Harlem World would have been able to keep their mouths quite about this track. Its just nice. There is a real nice old school feel to it, its not the kind of track you usually hear Juelz over, but Bone Thugs are also there. Lay and Kray sound really good on this style beat, but Juelz comes real good.

Mariah Carey Feat Bone Thugs and Juelz Santana-Don't Forget About Us

Ya Dig? Oh and that picture really is Juelz's brother.