Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yo L, What Up? I Hit, What else? Plus Dome

I realized that I didn't leave you guys with much and I'm sorry for that, especially since I was sleeping all last week stuffed on Turkey and Drinks. I thought I would post up one of the biggest posts in recent history. So here is some new shit, I was going to try to hold out on this till tomorrow, but like I said. I'm Shook!

Juelz recorded something like 300 songs for his record. And If the other 280 or so are this good and sitting on his hard drive keep them coming. Those songs are what the game is missing. Ya heard? JR Freestyle and oh wait, a new Cam video..whats really good? Ya Dig?

JR-I'm A G (freestyle)

Juelz featuring Paul Wall and Rico-Love On Da Grind

oh and the new "I Love My Life" video by Cam, oh yes its off Killa Season, and oh yes its unreal. We get to meet Mr. Giles's entire fam. Killa Fam. Killa Season is going to be really good, I can't wait.

I always try to do dipset all day everyday, but I can't when I drop two songs in one day and this video and always have dips to throw up, just remember that.

Tell me when the hell was Cam kickin it with Ron A. Thats the Shit. That blond with Cam looks like and exgirlfriend of mine. Good Look if its her!

Move It Like A Pro Little Lady

I wonder if that is what Juelz was thinking when Miss Lohan decided to drop it like it is hot right in front of him. This is a very bizzaire moment.

Video Here (its .AVI I hope you all can watch it)

So I hear juelz only sold like 145 first week, not too good.

There is some interesting stuff going on. At survivor series (WWE's thanksgiving Pay Per View) Vince McMahon called John Chena his nygga, which has me shook. Specially cause John is white. I don't know what to think about this. But Kayne West obviously does. Kayne quickly responded with a "Its ok if white people use the word." Man Kayne really reminds me of the cool kid that has a nice car and a nice house that everyone likes to party with...but everyone hates.

Like I said, Shook. I am awaiting now wondering how Mr. Jackson will respond to this, since it seem that everytime that Kayne has something to say Curtis says the opposite.

Things are really slow right now, these times require me to do things like this. Post links to software and Joe Buddens.

Although don't get me wrong. I think this track is really nice. I could dedicate an entire post to Joe Buddens, I feel for this guy. I guess its kinda cool that he has a track called "Takeover" maybe because he is doing anything but that.

But this track is good and it makes me wonder why he doesn't have a record deal.

Joe Budden-Takeover

Not to get all different on ya'll but, in case you didn't know the new firefox came out today.
You can get that here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Whatever Gets You Through The Morning

Its fucking nice outside, it makes me want to listen to slow jams, jawns that should have been summer jams and westcoast shit.

It makes me wonder why I did not buy that house in computer or this house in Compton I was looking at on craigs list last year.

Anyway. No Dips today, although Juelz is going to be releases Back Like Cooked Crack 4:REHAB in the coming weeks.

Next I predict RELAPSE and then DEATH. I'm serious, we shall see.

I don't know what this is or what is from. I just know that I have it (a Gangsta Music exclusive), and there is no DJ all over it. Which makes it really nice. Its not on the new Biggie CD, I don't think it is.

Biggie and The Game-1970's Something

Doc pretty much said it best when he said that this song should have been a summer jam. I know its not NORE's fault on this one. Def Jam is just great at putting out rap albums on time (sarcasm). I know this is old, but it sounded great coming out of my jeep as I was brushing off snow this morning, with the case to the cd.

Nore and Skateboard P-I'm A G

And then lil wayne. This song is a sleeper, I like when wayne calls radio stations rap racists and claiming that they don't play him cause he is from the south. Maybe its true. Hot 97 give my boy some love.

Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke-Shoota

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Album Out Today

Juelz out today, but it isn't too soon to look to the horizon.
I coped my copy yesterday, as great as the deluxe cd sounds the vinyl is nice. On a side note, does anyone know what all is on the DVD that comes with the disc? Big pictures of Juelz (no homo), they report JR this January and "Happy Mother Fuckin Valentines Day" Killa Season Feb 14th. Lets see if this actually happens. 50's record was supposed to be called "Valentines Day Massacre" even his shit got delayed. Maybe his record should have been delayed even longer, or until he recorded "I'll Whip Your Head." That shit is off the soundtrack to his movie and its the best work out of G-Unit in a while.
Enough about 50.

Next up Killa.

Dipset Mixtape 6 coming soon. As reported on their site.

This is new killa hopefully this will be on Killa Season. It hits hard.

Cam'ron feat Nicole Wray-Love My Life

Short week this week. I will throw up a lot of shit tomorrow to keep you busy.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Allergic To Winter Time

Weezy Baby.

A year ago I just didn't understand Lil Wayne. I don't know what it took to have me go totally bananas over him. I think the seeds were planted when he was on Solider with DC3. I was really into that jawn. And I think it was then that I got on TI too. But I haven't felt anyone this strong and this fast since I got on the Dips. I remember my reaction when the Carter came out. I was like "jesus, I thought Lil Wayne was on Cash Money, whats up with this cover." I didn't realize that Cash Money was all grown up. A few weeks later Juvie came out with his greatest hits record. The cover also showed a grown up Juvie.

Fast forward.
Wayne is the mother fucking fire man, allergic to winter time. He is on everyting and doing it right. He is on the new Avant record and doing it well. Also makes the new Trina record (i hear he is even jook with her) But nothing, and I mean nothing is blowing up like the "Fireman." I thought Go DJ was a hot track. December 6th the Carter II drops. But Guess what? I got tracks, and that means you got tracks.

Lil Wayne-Tha Mobb
Lil Wayne-Money On My Mind
Lil Wayne-Hit Em Up

Tomorrow I will have some new Dipshit, and get over to Kevin Kash for a new mix and a new song. And get on me at myspace.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I Know Its Been A While

Sorry. Been sleepin. Actually been reelin over that new Juelz record.
Yao Ming?
The above cover is from a new Killah mix tape. Get on the cover, for real!

So next up is Killa Season. Figga Deal Me? Its gonna be large, its gonna have a movie that goes along with it.

Its Cam, it will be delayed. Maybe not as long because we won't have to deal with Jay-Z letting the record get all the wind knocked out of it after the Dips get frustrated and leak tracks to the streets. Here are two tracks, that might or might not be on Killa Season. Regardless they are fire.

Dipset Bitches.

Cam Featuring Juelz-Hey May part 3

Cam Featurning Jimmy Jones-Fly Boys

Aslo the internet is going nuts over this Hot97 interview where Puff Daddy and the Lox air out each other.

Its nice.

The Lox gotta respect Diddy because he is all about Jesus and the Benjamins, in no particular order. Let him do his damn thing, Lox were too young when they got on and got taken to school. Deal and make your money now, get off Diddy.

Sorry for the hang up. I was just waiting for something hot to post. Keep that in mind. I don't want to cluster this blog up with Joe Budden tracks. But that track the takeover might get a spot next week its burnin up. Also Kevin Kash is going to get real large real soon.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Internet is goin nuts

So Juelz leaked.

Everyone is on it. To post a track today would be cliche. Since it is easily one of the most anticipated albums of mine of the year. Most of the entries pertain to dipset, so it would only make sense to post a Juelz song. I could go on a rant about Juelz and how he is the future and how What The Game Has Been Missing Blew my mind this morning when I heard it. Yep, I could do all that.

Will I?


No Juelz track today. Maybe tomorrow. I stay ahead of the curve, I posted that JR track and then Pitchfork reviewed it. Conclude what you may.

Enough of that.

I am on some serious shit here, Boss pointed out how awesome this track was. I must give him credit because I had just listened to it but not really realized how next level this cut is.

This track comes from an artist from NYC named Sacario. He is a rapper/songwriter/executive producer from NYC.

You might remember his track with Lil' Mo on Angie Martinez's single, "If I Could Go" and on "Live Big" single.

Remember those?
If not you might be surprised to know he is a....ghost writer.

He in fact wrote all the songs on her album and he also wrote songs for avril lavigne too.

Compair him to Jigga go ahead

Sacario-Bossman Rap

The cover is up top.

Monday, November 07, 2005

When E Is Gone

He can bring out a second post, or an encore post.

Still one of my favorites but I think its because he can still do something really amazing. Something like MM Ep, or even Eminem Show.

Raise the curtains and what do we have, the "Curtain Call" greatest hits album.

E says he wants to focus more on production more behind the scenes stuff. I say Great, reinvent yourself and return to what you do best. Not making fun of Mary-Kate and Ashley, they can't even touch you E.

Rip some more shit about Kim, seriously. Enough about how much you love Haley. I believe you. How about some diss tracks? And this song is enough, I am hoping that the other new song on "Curtain Call" is better than this one. I know he recorded it with Dre, so it will be alright maybe. But he also did "Rain Man" with Dre. I do think that E can still bring the pain, I'm sure on Detox he will show up, and on Obie Trice's second album "Second Round Is On Me" he will be there. So do it Marshall.

Eminem-When I'm Gone

I will miss Em when he is gone.

See How I Do This Stupid

JR. The Writer of Writers.

A year ago if someone would have asked who are your least favorite dipset members I might have responded "The Ethiopian Prince JR. Writer and Hell Rell"

Fast forward a year later and ask me minus the the big three who are your favorite I might respond "The Ethiopian Prince and Hell Rell"

How things change.

This track comes from the new Big Mike Mix tape, but Mike keeps quite. Quite enough for me to bang this track.

Jr. Writer and Hell Rell-Crime Does Pay

While you are at it if you have not heard the Olympics remix with Kevin Kash, Michael Jordan and Jr. Writer on Dr. Bossmans new mix tape "steeze 2 please" check it out. Follow the link to Kevin Kash's official web page.

This is a track by some artist named JR or some group named JR. Some classic shit here, very violent. "If your gonna start grillin' me I'm gonna go on a killing spree"


I think the "FU" actually stands for "Fight U". Not the usual "Fuck you"

Going to see screening for 50's movie tonite. I hear he dies at the end, after he cries. I will let you know how that works out.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm Gonna Do This Till I'm 80


I fix my computer and then I put up this. I am trying a new download server. This one looks hot.

I really don't need to say anything too much about this.

Jay-Z-Be Like Hov


This Is How The Gangstas Do It

Lots to give up today..

I am dying to know if there will be a full issue of this Juelz track on W.T.G.B.M.

I was able to only find little info about this track. It has two titles. And thats about it.


The Pharell Williams aka Skateboard P wack meter continues to drop.
Pharell comes over his own song "I'm a G" or a song that he did for NORE. And does it pretty well.

Pharell-I'm A G (freestyle)

This is a new track off his record "In My Mind". The release date now appears to be December 12th. I hear that this might be the second single. Obviously off the R&B side.

Pharell-She's An Angel

This Game track needs to be posted because it offsets my 50 Cent post from the other day. 50 is pretty funny these days, mostly because he just hates Kayne and takes every chance he can to go at him. Enough of that. Game sounds really nice over this, I know its a little old but cot damn.

Game-Just a lil' bit (G-Unot mix)

I heard that Source Mag is finished. Looks like Em took that one..but wait Ja-Rule is coming back with Exodus...nuff said.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Straight Out Like Hot Spaghetti

Juelz and Green. This track I am throwin up is from the new green lantern mix tape "For Minor (We Major)"

Juelz on the new green lantern. I really like that the dips fuck with this dude. The fall out with Shady and 50 seems a bit odd, but its all good cause he works well with these dudes. And Green Lantern came at me on Myspace. You can too.

Sorry that there wasn't an update for a minute. Back on my A game you gettin the picture.

Without further. Juelz and Sweet Child Of Mine. Like Clockwork

RYU S.O.B-Juelz and Ceplh Titled