Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sean Kingston - Real Gangstas

The 'Good Talk Vol.2' mixtape with Khaled has been getting some serious play time so far this Spring/Summer. If you haven't heard it, you can grab it over on Sean Kingston's myspace.

The Mike Jones Video Game : My 64

Play the Mike Jones Game here
. Remember, avoid haters road blocks and the mud.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Freekey Zekey - Like This (Feat. Sen) (Video)

I see you Zeke, but don't attempt the stunts in this video at home. If you haven't yet, check out my interview with Freekey from last week.

'Book of Ezekial' July 10th.


T.I. vs T.I.P. Cover and Tracklisting

I spotted this cover at NahRight, there are going to be at least two different covers that you can buy to for this record. The alternate covers aren't anything special just a whole picture instead of the cropped one you see above. This tracklisting might not be real, but I did grab it off itunes. Remember T.I. vs T.I.P. comes out July 3rd.

The Eminem track should have been called "Tag Team Match T.I. and T.I.P vs Eminen and Marshall Mathers feat Slim Shady"

1 "Big Shit Poppin' (Do It)" Prod.Mannie Fresh/T.I.
2 "You Know What It Is" Feat. Wyclef Jean Prod. Wyclef Jean 3
3 "Show You How To Be" Feat. R. Kelly
4 "My Swag" Prod. Wyclef Jean
5 "Show It To Me" Feat. Nelly Prod.Black Mob
6 "My Type"
7 "We Do This" Prod. The Runners
8 "Watch What You Say" Feat. Justin Timberlake Prod. Khao & Timbaland
9 "Touch Down" Feat/Prod. Eminem
10 "Wanna Be High" Prod. The Runners
11 "Tell 'Em I Said That" Prod. Danja
12 "Goodbye My Dear" Feat. Ciara Prod. T.I.
13 "Help Is Coming" Prod. Just Blaze
14 "Raw"
15 "Respect This Hustle" Prod. Danja
16 "Hurt" Feat/Prod. Akon


Allen Iverson is Jewels

The newest member of the 'Thuggets' (hat tip to Boss) album went from "Does he really have an album" to "He actually has an album". Can you believe this album was supposed to come out in 2001? Actually, the lead single "40 Bars" was recorded in 2000. The rumor is that it was delayed for so long in order to provide the same worldwide release date out of respect for his international fans. I don't know what is more shocking, that the album actually is coming out or that Allen wants to go by the name 'Jewels'. More info at the Leak Source.

AI isn't the only rapper from the NBA, but he is only Jewels. Did you know Kobe was on a track with 50 Cent? How about T-Hud and Ray J? Street Census has the Top 10 Worst/Best Athlete-Rappers.


Mark Ronson Presents Hard Rock Contest

Mark Ronson produced an exclusive compilation for Hard Rock Cafe, the CD is titled 'Mark Ronson Presents Hard Rock'. Just send me an email and I will randomly pick a winner of the following prizes. For more info on the album here is a direct link to purchase the disc.

1 (one) Winner could win this:
1 - "Mark Ronson Presents Hard Rock" Vol.1 CD
1 - Mark Ronson "Stop Me" CD single

4 (four) other winners could win this:
1 - Mark Ronson "Stop Me" CD single


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Game Is About To Retire


Is 50's Spent?

What a rough looking picture of 50. It makes me afraid of 50 for all the wrong reasons.

Ian from Different Kitchen is correct about how much money 50 has after this whole Vitamin Water sale, but this album delay isn't a good look at all. I expect 50 to get some guests like Chris Martin and Bono to assure 'Curtis' goes straight to the top.

Coming from itunes "Straight To The Bank" is at #77 overall, down From #71. As for "Amusement Park", it still hasn't charted. I don't think anyone is buying this whole timed international release date stuff.

Meanwhile, check out his newest Vitamin Water commercial.


The World's Smallest B-Boy

Find more on his official page.

The Beanie Sigel Video



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Serius Jones Rap City Freestyle (05-25-07)

For more Serius Jones if you haven't heard, check out his myspace

Friday, May 25, 2007

Juelz Santana Rap City Freestyle (05-25-07)

Crazy day at Rap city today.

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Game Rap City Freestyle (05-25-07)


'Curtis' Delayed, Pushed Back Until September

The result of three singles that failed to make much of an impact has caused 50's new album 'Curtis' to be delayed from June 26th to September 4th. 50 of course won't say that but we all know the real reason, I don't buy too much into his explanation:
I'm an international artist. My fans worldwide deserve to receive my album at the same time as my fans here in the US. Taking that into consideration moving the album to September was a necessary course of action.
I find his explanation odd. Usually an album comes out maybe a day or two before in the US, but I've never heard of this being that much of a problem.

Source XXL


Beanie Sigel Taking Shots

First Kanye Midwest and Pharrell, and now this. Beans is taking shots at Capo, or as Miss Info points out, it could be Wayne or Game. Who knows with Beans, it could be anyone.

NahRight has the audio.

Who do you think Beans is dissing?

It seems even Beans is confused, didn't he leave Roc-a-Fella because Oschino was the only person to visit him in prison? Beans then took State Prop over to the Dame Dash group with Oschino and Omillio Sparks and then somewhere changed his mind and decided to not work with Dame after all. Then finally in this interview with DJ Absolute, he has confirmed that he is still a member of the Roc.

Now that Beans is down with the Roc again he will release 'The Solution' this fall. Somewhere in all of this I remember rumors that Beans was going to go to G-Unit, but that was around the time when they were signing everyone.

It's too bad that Beans show with a live band that was supposed to happen at the Knitting Factory was canceled due to a sudden need for mouth surgery. I can't even imagine what that would have been like.

I didn't even realize that it was a year ago today that Beans was shot upper right arm during a robbery attempt.

Now all we need to add to all this is for someone to find a picture of Beans in some Louis Vuitton driving shoes.


Wayne Back With Trina?

Pictured above is Lil Mo with Lil Wayne not Trina.

The word out of Miami is that Weezy and Trina might be getting back together. I don't want to get too into the details of them making out on stage after preforming a song called "Prostitute" because it seems way too silly to be real. It involves lots of hugging and a kiss that lasted 5 minutes. If you want all the details AllHipHop has you covered.

The song "Prostitute" comes from a Musiq song "You and Me". Listen to the song at The Fader, and hear 6 minutes of Lil Wayne singing.

If I was Trina I wouldn't get all excited by someone singing a song called "Prostitute" and staring at me.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dipset Breakup Rumors - Don't Believe The Hype

Despite the denial from members of the group, some rumors of a breakup still persist. Jimmy discussed the much publicized rumors of tension within the Diplomats today on DJ Kay Slay's Shade 45 radio show.

Kay Slay asked Jimmy about the current status of the Diplomats and Capo said:
Everything is everything; it's still Diplomats for life. Shout out to Juelz, he's working an album, he's also working on an album with Lil' Wayne called I Cant Feel My Face; shout out to Freekey Zeekey, shout out to Killa.
Audio here

Jimmy also had some things to say about Nostic and his mother Nancy [Listen Here].

Thanks to Sohh for the audio.

Check out my interviews with Nancy Jones from Mothers Day and the interview with Zeke, where they say the same thing about the rumors of a breakup.

That picture of Juelz has to do with any of this.

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Jay-Z Accused of Paying Below Minimum Wage

Jay-Z is being sued by a woman who used to work as a waitress at his New York nightclub 40/40 - for allegedly failing to pay employees the minimum wage. The company that owns the club Twenty Ones Inc is accused of not paying staff the tips left for them by customers. The suit claims a percentage of tips were kept from staff and accuses the club of "willfully failing and refusing to pay them at the legally required minimum wage" since it opened in 2003.

This isn't the only lawsuit filed against Jay. Earlier this week it was reported that Jay-Z and Damon Dash are being hit with a $15 million lawsuit claiming that Roc-A-Fella stole the concept for the “State Property” movie from his novel.


Lil Wayne Inks Deal with Straight Up Brands Liquor Manufacturer

The below statement was taken from the press release:

Lil Wayne has entered into an agreement with liquor manufacturer, Straight Up Brands, to create an all new, branded alcoholic beverage. Further details of the deal and have yet to be disclosed, but Wayne is expected to help develop, brand and market the resulting product. The New Orleans native joins a growing list of rappers and entertainers who have partnered with the company to create customized beverages. Straight Up recently took control of the Dipset backed Sizzurp Purple Punch Liqueur following their acquisition of Rappin’ Brands earlier this year. The company also has plans to launch a pineapple flavored beverage called Lucky Nites with Houston native Lil Flip, a brand of sparkling wine with Foxy Brown, and Storm Vodka with DJ Clue.

For those that don't remember, make sure you read this information I had in February about Straight Up Brands.

Also, make sure you check out the new DJ Benzi/Lil Wayne mixtape 'None Nigher' with remixes from Diplo, Catchdubs, A-Trak, Ghislain Poirier, Curtis Vodka etc. at Discobelle and 33Jones.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Scratch Magaine

The July/August issue of Scratch presented by XXL (hits stands next week) is going to be loaded with information that I know you are dying to hear about.

-Lil Wayne on playing the guitar, working with Dr. Dre and why The Carter 3 won’t drop until 2008.

-Mannie Fresh on his new deal at Def Jam and how he got back in the studio with Lil Wayne, BG and Juvenile.

-An exclusive trip inside the Koch Records offices and the history of Alan Grunblatt, the man who put Cam on the phone.

-DipSet’s DukaDaGod on how producers can get their beats to Cam, Jimmy, Juelz and the rest of the crew.

More info here, spotted via Nah Right.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Freekey Zekey - Interview

As many of you know this site focuses heavily on the Diplomats so you must understand my excitement when I had the chance to interview Zeke. Freekey was a lot of fun to talk to and was very honest and entertaining. After I gave him my stan disclaimer he told me I could ask him 'anything' and he meant it. I really appreciate the time Zeke took to talk with me, even though he is "working so hard right now it's killing me, but I love doing it." As you will read Zeke is grateful to his loved ones and everyone that stuck besides him. Zeke is a really good guy and I encourage everyone to keep posted on him because he is going to be making some serious moves.

JJ: What comes to mind when you think about what Cam'ron said about you on the track "Dip-Set Forever"? The line that goes "Cause when music discouraged my pride/Zeke the only one with courage to ride"

Freekey Zekey: I've been with Cam since I had a mustache and a beard, everything Cam says says comes straight from the heart. We've been through everything in life- we're brothers. Cam was with me before I even knew how to pee straight. If it comes from Cam its the truth and everything he says, he means.

JJ: What can you tell me about Dipset South?

Zeke: Four Days after I got out I got signed and started Dipset South. People noticed my energy and my character. Busta and ODB are characters in that way, people recognize people like that. I didn't take their charisma, I bring my own. History repeats itself and that's me- they saw my character and knew that I could do something. This is four days after getting out of Jail!
After getting out of jail for being locked up for distribution of ecstasy in the state of North Carolina it was a good thing.

JJ: Well, that was just absurd - I mean the cops getting tipped off and all. But it is what it is.

Zeke: You have to do certain things and hit bottom before you can spring board to the top. I have found reason for my fall and that is so I can be at the top, you have to experience it all. I'm a solider-turned-chief. I had so much support in jail.

JJ: It must have been nice to see what was happening to the Dipset and know that was going to be there when you got out.

Zeke: That's the thing, you don't know. You think you know, but you never do.

JJ: That is what happened to ODB, I remember hearing him talk about how no one from Wu Tang came to visit him.

Zeke: I know, and that's the WU. When you are in jail you NEED people. You NEED people to bring you food, you NEED people to bring you clothes, you NEED people to bring you money. Juelz, Jimmy and Cam were all there, they went so far to do everything. If you don't have that support it can kill you.

JJ: I know, ODB looked to be in rough shape when he got out. I want to ask you a little about your album 'Book of Ezekiel', how far along are you?

Zeke: Oh, I'm done.

JJ: So is this tracklisting I have real? With "Daddy's Back" and "Hater What You Lookin' At"?

Zeke: Yea, "Daddy's Back" has wild curses on it. That track is Cadillac music. Music you can kick your shoes off and roll around with while getting head music. I got some skits on there too.

JJ: People are going to be really looking at those skits.

Zeke: Nobody expects me to be a rapper. I'm not doing this so I can walk out side with my hat tilted to the side and throw up my Dipset chain. I'm doing this to eat, to feed my son. I speak from my gut. Most rappers these days are talking my car this, my rims this [Zeke went into a great parody rap here].

JJ: What is your favorite Dipset track? I know if I'm walking around and 'Santana's Town' comes on my ipod I walk with a little bit more step, what track does that for you?

Zeke: I don't have a personal favorite. Everyone would tell you I'm a groupie. I love everyone, I enjoy at all my peoples music. I like every song that comes on. You hear Duke Da God's new More Than Music?

JJ: Yes, tell me about your track on that record.

Zeke: That is what I'm talking about right there, I was locked up and Duke delayed the album to get me on there. It was supposed to come out earlier, but he pushed it back to May. That is what Diplomats is though, it is all more than music cause it is.

JJ: Now you said I could ask you anything, so what is the real story about the alleged beef between Cam and Jimmy? Was Jimmy really going at Cam?

Zeke: Yea he was. Jimmy was going at Cam, but they like siblings. Things get escalated cause we in the eye of the public and people escalate it. It is like if we are rock stars and I start going at you, everyone is going to say that Zeke is going at Justin and make a big deal out of it.

JJ: Well it isn't really the same, but thanks.

Zeke: Well lets say we are siblings, and we start going at it. People will want to make something of it. But it's all love, we are family.

Freekey Zekey on Myspace

Diplomats Official Site

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Official Curtis Cover and Some Comments on Cam

Turns out the police looking badge that was first rumored to be the cover to 'Curtis' was just fake. This cover looks like something taken from a magazine article about 50, it also looks like it could be a Brother Ali cover (you know what I mean). Maybe a title like 'Mr. Jackson' would have been better and fit the style of this cover better.

In an MTV News article 50 says comments on the Cam situation:
He's doing more damage to his crew than I could ever do. He's put them in a real awkward situation with his choices. When they had momentum, they had Jimmy out there doing records, Juelz was out there, they was doing good. Then they let this guy out there and look what happened. It's gonna be a 'hot summer.' What is he talking about? I'm waiting for the summer.
After hearing directly from members of Dipset about the situation between Cam and Jimmy I will say that their beef is all being greatly exaggerated. I don't know if they all agree with what Cam is doing but I expect they are going to stand by him on all of this. The whole beef between 50 and Cam is a help to both artists, as long as it stays online (as it seems so far) things will be all good. If Cam doesn't bother 50 as much as he says he doesn't then he will stop talking about him. Jay didn't do much to help out Cam, he kept pretty quiet even with Cam saying Beyonce's name. Either Cam is really under 50's skin and he is about to self destruct or 50 knows the game well enough and is just going along with it because it is good press for everyone.

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R. Kelly Is About To 'Double Up'

Photo courtesy of Jive Records

Another name Kells compared himself to while speaking ever so bluntly to Hip-Hop Soul Magazine that was left out of initial reports is Martin Luther King. Kelly's publicist said the singer was merely saying he is a prolific songwriter of his time (link).

The Fader has "Hook It Up" Featuring Huey produced by Kayne West. Whole lot of Midwest things going on here.

Jive Records has an R. Kelly player worth checking out if you are into that kind of thing and be sure to stay up on Robert's youtube tv.

Anyone think Robert is intentionally getting his Sprewell on in that picture?


Monday, May 21, 2007

Lil Flip - I Get Money (Feat. Jim Jones)

From Lil' Flip's New Album, 'I Need Mine$$'

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Fat Joe Reviews the Helio Ocean

Joey coming big with that shoe wall and the Twins hat.

Spotted at Boy Genius

The Definition of X: The Pick of The Litter

DMX finally releases a greatest hits record, or in other words gets out of his contract. I usually don't get too down with greatest hits albums, but this one is going to be good. This album was originally going to be called "Dog" which would have been a really great title. "The Definition of X" comes out June 12th. Now if only his reality show would get released on DVD...

1. "Prayer II"
2. "Ruff Ryders Anthem"
3. "Get At Me Dog" (Feat. Sheek Louch)
4. "Stop Being Greedy"
5. "How's It Going Down"
6. "What These Bitches Want" (Feat. Sisqo)
7. "Blackout" (Feat. Jay-Z & The LOX)
8. "What's My Name?"
9. "Where The Hood At"
10. "Party Up"
11. "X Gona Give It To Ya"
12. "It's All Good"
13. "Who We Be"
14. "The Rain"
15. "Here We Go Again"
16. "No Love For Me" (Feat. Swizz Beatz & Drag-On)
17. "We Right Here"
18. "One More Road To Cross"
19. "Slippin"
20. "Prayer I"


50's House Has Room For A Heliport

50 is ballin on 17.6 acres with 19 bedrooms and bathrooms. For those in the neighborhood this estate is located at 50 Poplar Hill Road Farmington, CT. For the record, there is no doubt in my mind that Curtis has a whirlpool bigger than the pool at Cam's vacation spot. Here is a better description via Keller Williams Reality:
The residential portions of the dwelling are ideal for the extended family wanting to spend time together with distinctly private quarters/wings comprised of 15+ bedroom suites. The terrace level includes entertainment and party facilities unequaled in any private residence with gaming tables, two billiard rooms, indoor swimming pool, handball court, fully equipped Nite Club complete with DJ booth and 20-screen video wall, industrial kitchen, fully furnished professional gym and a recording studio. Outdoors you'll enjoy an exquisite infinity pool with waterfall and grotto built into rock outcroppings with 40 person hot tub as well as a full basketball/tennis court, 2 guest houses and a shooting range. Grounds offer ample room for a heliport.
More photo's here.


The Dark Knight's Joker Revealed

The Joker is the best villain in all of comic books. I really like the direction that this is headed, all Ichi like.

How about the new Rambo trailer? Not too bad, John chops someones head off, blows them to bits, ripes out a throat, and cuts open a stomach. Don't push John.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beanie Sigel Explains What Is Cool

Beanie is cool. Dissing Kanye West & Pharrell is also cool.


Friday, May 18, 2007

50's Response To Cam's Pool Video

50 sent (get it) Miss Info his response to the video shot by Cam'ron in response to 50's BET remarks. As you would expect 50 went straight for the jugular with the my pool is bigger than your pool response-
My whirlpool is bigger than Cam’s swimming pool. And he shouldn’t be in front of no camera with daisy dukes on.
Curtis is going to have to do better than that. All these responses to responses via blogs and online videos are leading up to some big ether right? Probably not, just more promotion for 50's new album.

"June Fucking First, Curtis"

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Cam'ron Answering To Curtis While On Vacation

Part 1:

Part 2:

Yes, Cam played right into it. 50 was on BET yesterday and called out Cam. When responding to whether he has heard from Cam 50 responded something like "I haven’t heard anything since he got punched in the eye…Go ask Tru life". That 50 is such a showman. Here are links to the video of 50's BET appearance Part 1 and Part 2. With 'Curtis' coming out soon I expect this situation to escalate some.

I still can't believe Cam's video.

"June Fucking First, Curtis"

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

DJ Khaled - We the Best

DJ Khaled's sophomore LP, "We The Best," will be released on June 12th. Check out the interactive e-card.

Here is a tentative tracklisting with production credits, its still changing and taking shape daily.

1. Intro – Khaled, Rick Ross – Produced by DJ Khaled
2. We Takin’ Over – Akon, T.I. Birdman, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne feat. Khaled -- Produced by Danja
3. Brown Paper Bag – Young Jeezy, Juelz, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Dre, Fat Joe feat. Khaled – Produced by Cool & Dre
4. I’m From the Ghetto – Dre, Jadakiss, Game, Trick Daddy, Tony Sunshine feat. Khaled Produced by Cool & Dre
5. I’m So Hood – T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies feat. Khaled – Produced by The Runners
6. No Hook – Jim Jones, Styles P, Cassidy feat. Khaled – Produced by Steve Morales
7. New York – Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Ja Rule feat. Khaled – Produced by Cool & Dre
8. Hit Em Up – Bun B, Paul Wall, Pitbull feat. Khaled – Produced by the Runners
9. Let’s Talk – Lil Wayne feat. Khaled-- Produced by Street Runner
10. S On My Chest – Lil Wayne and Birdman feat. Khaled –
11. The Orginators – Bone Thugs – Produced by Cool & Dre
12. Bitch I’m From Dade County – Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Trina, Dre, Flo Rida, Brisco, C-Rod feat. Khaled – Produced by Diaz Brothers
13. The Streets – Shareefa feat. Willie Northpole -- Produced by The Runners
14. Jamaica – Sizzla feat.Khaled – Produced by Jackpot

Rumors Rumors Rumors

Keep in mind these are all rumors--

Lil Wayne and Game to collaborate on a mixtape called 'Blood Bothers' via The Fader

Juelz Santana to leave The Diplomats and join Birdman Jr's Young Money Entertainment. I have an even better idea, Young Money goes to Def Jam and then 'I Can't Feel My Face' will see the light of day.

David Banner has auditioned for a role in The Dark Knight (the new Batman movie). He is being tapped to play the role of a bad guy named "Gamble" via MTV Movies Blog

Michael Jackson is trying to block an auction from selling off some of his memorabilia including whitening creams, sex toys and inappropriate pictures of children. Source Page Six

Not really a rumor but some real Watchmen news to get excited about.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

T.I.P. - Big Things Poppin'

T.I. vs. T.I.P. : In Stores July 3rd.

OnSmash has been on it this week.


DJ Khaled Ft. Akon, R. Kelly, T-Pain, Lil' Kim & Young Jeezy - We Takin Over Remix

Kellz and T-Pain really start this remix off with a bang.

Better than the original? Kellz has been something else on these remixes. Maybe Kells is the Marvin Gaye of 2007.

"Don't get mad cause Kells got girls showing much much ass"

May 29th 'Double Up.'

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50 Cent - Straight To The Bank (Video)

50 keeps laughing straight to the bank with this. This track sounds like a b-side off 'Beg for Mercy.'


R. Kelly Thinks He Is The World's Greatest

If appearing on the 'Ali' soundtrack and preforming the song "The World's Greatest" wasn't enough. The Kellz has now thrown his name in the ring with several others that might be considered the worlds greatest. Speaking to Hip-Hop Soul Magazine the R said:
My greatest competition is, well, me . . . I'm the Ali of today. I'm the Marvin Gaye of today. I'm the Bob Marley of today. I'm the Martin Luther King, or all the other greats that have come before us. And a lot of people are starting to realize that now.
Source Page Six


50 Cent - Amusement Park (Video)

Dangerous LLC (producer of the track) claims that he never gave the track to Jim Jones to use (Miss Info has them both). It also looks like all those rumors that MTV turned down the video were false. One thing is for sure, I knew exactly what this video was going to be before I even watched it. 50 is so predictable like that, although the "Candy Shop" video didn't take place in a candy shop.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did Mase Get Caught With A Transvestite Hooker?

Ryan Cameron from the Ryan Cameron show on V-103 aired a phone call yesterday from a radio listener who said she was involved in a near hit-and-run last night in Atlanta. The woman, said on air that she was hit when another vehicle side swiped her brand new Range Rover.

The caller said one of the transvestites that saw the accident told her: "He been circling around here 4 times already trying to pick one of these queens up!"

The caller said the Mase refused to roll down his window or get out of his car. A female police officer instructed him, "You need to roll down this window right now." Mase stayed in the car when the tow truck hooked up his car and drove away with him still in it. If the image of Mase sitting in his car as a tow truck drove it away isn't enough, apparently Mase wrapped a towel around his face so no one would know it was him.

Here is the audio

Here is the best Mase web site for all information, but yet to contain any of the information regarding this incident.

Maybe everything will get cleared up, remember all those rumors about Cam'ron and the transvestite ended up being false.


N.O.R.E. - Cocaine Cowboys (Video)

I suppose this wound be off '1 Fan A Day' but maybe it is off the album that is supposed to come out after that.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day Edition - Interview With Nancy Jones (Jimmy's Capo)

I had the chance to speak with Nancy Jones mother of Jim Jones. Nancy is the Chairman /CEO of Nostic Apparel and Jimmy is the President. For more information on Nostic visit their web site, for store locations visit their myspace page.

On June 23rd in NYC Juelz Santana and S.A.S. will be preforming for the 4th Annual Santana's Town Fashion show. Not only will the show feature performances but you will be able to check out Nositc and Nancy's Couture line Jonezz. Pick up tickets here.

Nancy is a very proud mother and a very nice woman. Today she will be celebrating what she says will be her best Mothers Day yet. With a family business starting and her son Ballin' I don't see why it wouldn't be.

JJ: Explain what Nostic is to you? How are you achieving this?

Nancy Jones: Nostic is New Revolution of the mind and spirit. How you feel within yourself.

JJ: You have a womans couture line too called Jonezz, what exactly is that?

Nancy: Jonezz, pronounced Jones is more of a couture line for woman and children. Jonezz is a twist of class, everything is denim. Jonezz is the kind of denim that you can wear to weddings, promos. Everything is denim mixed with many other fabrics. I've been out to the club and seen people not get in because they had denim on and I am dressed in Jonezz and I get right in.

JJ: What are you favorite designers, what inspires the fashion?

Nancy: I don't look at anyone else. My mother and grandmother inspired me, I was always making clothes. When I was 9 years old I was making outfits for my Barbie Dolls. I graduated from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and since I was 9 this is what I wanted to do.

JJ: I get a lot of questions about the belts that Jimmy and Juelz wear? People ask where they can find them, is that something included in the Nostic collection?

Nancy: That business is going to collide with Nostic, they are not yet a part of the collection but they are in development. Soon you are going to see Jimmy dressed head to toe in Nostic.

JJ: I read that Freekey Zekey is going to be rocking Nostic on his new album? Is that true?

Nancy: He is! Thats true, we had a photo shoot 2 weeks ago. We have been getting a lot of attention- MIMS called me a few weeks ago looking for a Nostic hoodie that he could wear for a video and Redman called looking for a Nostic hat.

JJ: Nostic is all about freedom of expression and spiritual beliefs and dealing with life's everyday obstacles, what do you say to someone who is faced with the obstacles of the financial inability to buy a t-shirt or a hoddie.

Nancy: I know for a fact that we will cater to everyone. Prices are going to be higher on signature t-shirts, but we are going to have different types for people that can't afford the signature items. We are not going to forget about anyone.

JJ: Is the Nostic perspective in harmony or conflict with an otherwise Christian or Biblical outlook?

Nancy: Not a conflict, it is all about how you feel and representing that. People struggle between good and bad, Nositc is for those people.

JJ: Since it is Mothers Day weekend, I'm going to have to ask you a few things about your family and yourself as a mother. What was your best Mothers Day that you can remember with Jimmy?

Nancy: Everyday is, every day I get to see my children.

JJ: My mom says that too, but really what was the best mothers day? I know you have one.

Nancy: This one will be really special, we are starting a family business, it is a beautiful time for the family. Good things have happened this year for us. Seven is Jimmy's lucky number and we are in the year '07 and seven is the number of the Lord. We have had a really good year, so this mothers day will be my favorite.

JJ: What was the best thing Jimmy has ever given you for Mothers Day?

Nancy: I wear it everyday, he got me a ring with all my children's birthstone on it.

JJ: How many children do you have?

Nancy: Seven, it is like the Brady Bunch.

JJ: How many boys and girls?

Nancy: Jimmy was the only boy until I got remarried and now he has a step brother. All the sisters work on the clothing line together, it is really a beautiful thing.

JJ: So Precious Jones is Jimmy's sister?

Nancy: Oh, you know Precious. Yeah she is working on the line.

JJ: Jimmy said something on BET that really gave me some insight into his work ethic. When talking about people making it in the industry he said that people need to try as hard as they can and then question themselves if they are really trying as hard as possible. Is this something you used to tell him?

Nancy: That is my motto. You have to know struggle to appreciate your accomplishments. If things are handed to you on a silver platter you don't appreciate it. You really have to understand the struggle and never give up. Patience is the key to virtue.

JJ: What are you favorite songs of Jimmy's?

Nancy: I like "Summer in Miami" and "I'm in Love With A Thug."

JJ: What is your favorite record, by another artist?

Nancy: The only artist I really love is Jimmy. Although Robin Thick is messed up, in a good way. I'm going to make Jimmy and Robin get together to make a record.

JJ: Have you heard "Shooter" with Lil Wayne?

Nancy: Oh yea, that track is really messed up. I like Lil Wayne too. My son is so versatile I don't want to see him just raping, I want to see him do everything. I would like to see Jimmy could do a rock song, an R&B song.

JJ: I have to ask, and if you don't want to answer this question you don't have to. What is up with Jimmy and Cam'ron. There has been a lot of rumors going around this week do you have any insight onto what is going on?

Nancy: Everybody has to realize that people go through ups and downs in a relationship and they most of all need to realize that. Things get blown out of proportion. Jimmy and Cam'ron are always going to be together no matter what, the Diplomats are like a family.

JJ: Thank you very much for the interview and I hope you have a happy Mothers Day.

Nancy: Thank you for the interview and wish your mom a happy Mothers Day from me as well.

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

R. Kelly National Anthem

The shot at 1.39 is priceless. There are so many great things going on in the 2 minutes and 13 seconds of this.


Friday, May 11, 2007

R. Kelly - Double Up (Tracklist) and "The Zoo"

Such a bummer there isn't a song called "Kellz", but I'm sure the tracks "The Zoo" and "Sex Planet" will make up for it. Kells also goes for broke with the last track, "Ringtone" The most interested collaboration has to be track 12, no comment.

1. "The Champ" (featuring Swizz Beatz) (Produced by The Runners)
2. "Double Up" (featuring Snoop Dogg)
3. "Tryin' To Get A Number" (featuring Nelly)
4. "Get Dirty" (featuring Chamillionaire) (Produced by Mysto & Pizzi)
5. "Leave Your Name"
6. "Freaky In The Club"
7. "The Zoo"
8. "I'm a Flirt (Remix)" (featuring T.I. & T-Pain)
9. "Same Girl" (featuring Usher)
10. "Real Talk"
11. "Hook It Up" (featuring Huey)
12. "Rock Star" (featuring Ludacris & Kid Rock)
13. "Best Friend" (featuring Keyshia Cole & Polow Da Don)
14. "Rollin'"
15. "Sweet Tooth"
16. "Havin' A Baby"
17. "Sex Planet"
18. "Rise Up"
19. "Ringtone"

Thanks to the Idolator pointing out this video of "The Zoo" from the Jimmy Kimmel show November 2005


50 Cent - Fully Loaded Clip (Official Montage Video)

So now 50 gets an official montage video and I can only assume an official video will follow. Whatever it takes, the itunes pre-order for 'Curtis' is already in the top 10.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Shirt That Might Have Broken Up Dipset

Pictured above is Freeky and Juelz. You might recognize the red painted walls as that of Juelz's studio.

Rumors are starting to circulate that it was these shirts that might be the center of the issues with the diplomats. These shirts are put out by True Love and False Idols and Cam'ron might have had some different feelings about an outside company putting Diplomat merchandise out. I stress the word might because at this point I don't really believe in this beef and I can't believe that this would be what set Cam over the edge.

More images at Complex Magazine's Blog.

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DukeDaGod & Dipset - Intro / More Than Music / Street Pharmacist

Video for DukeDaGod's "More Than Music Vol. 2 Intro", "Still More Than Music" & "Street Pharmacist" featuring 40 Cal, Juelz Santana, J.R. Writer, Hell Rell & A-Mafia.

'More Than Music Vol. 2' is in stores right now.

The big blog news of the day is that Jesus Piece is back.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jim Jones - Lockdown, USA (Feat. Rell)

Jimmy releases "Lockdown, USA" which is featured in the upcoming documentary "Lockdown, USA", directed by Rebecca Chaiklin and Michael Skolnik about Russell Simmons' campaign to end the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

This track was recorded specifically for the movie and isn't on P.O.M.E. Another timely release for the Diplomats.

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Bill O'Reilly on "Akorn"

Bill O'Reilly has really lost it. Calling Akon "Acorn" isn't a mistake, I would really like to see his ipod playlist.

In Akon's defense he allegedly didn't know the girl was so young, he was preforming at a 18+ club.

50 Cent - Curtis (Album Info)

All of this information might or might not be true. The following track list appeared on itunes yesterday for pre-order:

2.Come Go (Produced By Dr.Dre)
3.Follow My Lead feat. Robin Thicke (Produced By Tha Bizness)
4.Movin On Up
5.Peep Show feat. Eminem (Produced By Eminem)
6.Still Will Kill
7.All Of Me feat. Mary J. Blige (Produced By Jake One)
9.Fully Loaded Clip (Produced by Havoc)
10.My Gun Go Off
11.She Wants It
12.Straight To The Bank (Produced By Ty Fyffe)
13.Amusement Park (Produced By Dangerous LLC)
14.Fire feat. Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls & Young Buck (Produced By Dr.Dre)
15.Hands Up High
16.Officer Down feat. Kardinal Offishall
17.Smile feat. Lloyd Banks
18.The Mechanic feat. Tony Yayo
19.Video-Funeral Music

After looking at this track list I have a few questions. Didn't Lloyd Banks and 50 alredy do a track called "Smile"? That song doesn't deserve a part 2 does it? Same for "Fire," I know that was a Banks song. And, where is the Justin Timberlake track?

"Amusement Park" has landed on the internet and itis already labeled as the third piece to 50 Cent's opus having all begun with "In Da Club". What do you think? NahRight has got a link.


Dipset News From Last Night

Jimmy wasn't on Flex last night, but tonight Duke da God, Juelz, Zeke, and the whole of Dipset will be on Funk Flex. This appearance is said to be to solely to promote their new album, 'Duke Da God and Cam’ron Presents: Dipset More Than Music 2.' This new More Than Music collection is released today, so was this all just one big publicity stunt? It seems that way, even if Jimmy and Cam get in a fist fight people are going to be yelling that they are doing so only to sell records. Cam continually steps into beef and has gained lots of press over the past year as result. So why not go head to head with someone from your own clique. It screams HHH vs Shawn Michaels. The fact of the matter is that more people know Cam today than they did last year and this all works to his advantage. Even if many people now know Cam as "the idiot from 60 Minutes" people still know his name and the appearance got his name in everyones mouth.

I can't help but wonder if this beef with Jimmy is real, will Cam change the name to his new album once again?

For more check out Status Ain't Hood.

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Fabolous Rap City Freestyle (5/7/2007)

This has got to be one of the worst Rap City Freestyles I have ever seen/heard. Fab sounds so tired, why is he even releasing another album? It must really get at guys like Buddens when Fab gets 3 chances.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dipset Splitset? Diplomats to break up?

According to Miss Info:

Jim Jones or the Diplomats 300 are “putting Cam’ron on punishment.”

According to an inside source (via Miss Info), Juelz Santana is not siding against Cam

According to a Dipset insider (again via Miss Info), there are other members of Dipset who are also totally taken by surprise by this sentiment from Jim Jones, and they are also not in agreement.

Here is a quote from Jimmy on the whole situation:

“Me and Cam’ron haven't spoken to each other in a year…. I kept quiet out of loyalty, I felt like if we cant be friends then at least we can do business together….But now I can’t be next to you….I’m through wit being in hot water because of you….We still the Diplomats. We worked too hard to achieve our own success and now we’re gonna do something new….”

Monday night, Jimmy is gonna be on the Funkmaster Flex Show (featuring Miss Info’s Celebrity Drama) on Hot97.

One has to wonder if the 60 Minutes piece really put Jimmy over the edge with Cam.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Jay-Z Currently Has 99 Problems And A Plane Crash Isn't 100

Taken from TMZ
Rumors have been swirling this morning that rapresario Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) was in a plane crash this morning.
TMZ has confirmed that a small plane registered to a citizen of Dublin, GA crashed near Asheville, NC in the Smoky Mountains. The FAA tells TMZ that the four-seat propeller plane did go down this morning, but could not provide any additional details.
Sources tell TMZ that he is on his way to Vegas this weekend to take in the Mayweather - de la Hoya fight.
I have learned since TMZ posted this that Jay-Z was not actually on the plane.

Next time Nasir falls off his bike I expect the TMZ to be right on it.

Someone should take their keyboards away, this is the second example today of what I call bad-blogging.


New Mixes by Christian Flores/Chuck Dollarsign/Peldawg

Christian Flores have been present on SLTGM for as long as I started posting up music by people who come here. His mixes are always fresh and feature a very eclectic selection of songs. Christian has been a little quiet recently but this mix should serve as a heads-up that he is working on getting more stuff out.

Christian Flores – The Hudson

Chuck Dollarsign from Only Magazine just completed a new mix. I posted an mix by Chuck back in December called 'Negative Land' which you can still get here. His new mix 'Blood Rain' boasts that it contains 100+ songs in a little under 20 minutes.

Chuck Dollarsign - Blood Rain

Peldawg has just released 'Still Blue and Yellow'. For those not familiar, DJ Akilles and Peldawg put out 'Blue and Yellow' about 2 years ago using Jay-Z's 'Black Album' and "Swedish beats". You can download the original 'Blue and Yellow' album here. 'Still Blue and Yellow' features Jay-Z's 'Blueprint' album.

'Still Blue and Yellow' is available at King Size Magazine here.


Onsmash vs Swagger Jackers

Yesterday, I noticed a comment related to Swagger Jackers on a video posted by OnSmash . I wasn't sure what this exactly meant. I supposed two things:

1- OnSmash was sick of sites using their videos
2- OnSmash was sick of sites that copied their style and steal direct links to their videos.

I received an email from OnSmash last night clearing up the entire issue. I should have never really questested what was meant by the Swagger Jacker comment as they do provide embedded code thus ecouraging sites to post their videos. OnSmash does not have any problem with people who embed their videos, but understandably people who do a really bad job coping them.

For the record yes, World Star Hip Hop is really Swagger Jacking. Anyone can steal page source code and edit it up, but that doesn't mean you should do it.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

MTV Sucker Free: T.I. vs. T.I.P.

I love that T.I. is on a golf course. T.I. golfs and T.I.P. doesn't.


MTV Sucker Free: R. Kelly - Double Up

On Smash posted links to embed code for the following video. It was accompanied by a little note that said "STOP STEALING YOU SWAGGERJACKERS." What exactly does this mean? Are they talking to people like me that take their code, the code that they themselves list to embed? Or are they talking to people who have copied the exact same look as OnSmash and offered up their own videos?


The MTV Sucker Free week featuring the most anticipated albums continues with the latest focusing on 'Double Up' the new album by R. Kelly. Previous albums featured have been for 50 Spent and Usher.

Also, make sure you check out Notes From a Different Kitchen for a little bit more on the R.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tru Life Punches Cam'ron (Video)

Video courtesy of Def Sounds.

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Certified Bananas/Smalltown DJ's - North American Wildlife

Certified Bananas just released this mix that they did with Canada's Smalltown DJ's called "North American Wildlife" you can view the tracklist by clicking on the image above. The story behind the mix goes like this:
On March 5th, 2007, The Smalltown DJ's and Certified Bananas met in an orange colored studio on the other side of the Calgary train tracks to make a mixtape. After exchanging pleasantries, Sammy Bananas set up the computers while Mike Grimes broke out the fresh squeezed orange juice which is always stocked in his fridge. Certified Max unwrapped the takeout delights from that Indian spot around the corner from the Hi-Fi, and Pete Emes spilled some raita on his wool hunter's cap. After the meal, the music began and a story unfolded; these North American Scum had hours to work, but a mere 30 minutes for the tale. What transpired was a legend for the ages. It is the story of 4 djs, in a big concrete room, eating indian food, watching a big flat screen tv on mute and playing records. The sun had long since set over the Canadian Rockies when they packed up the tools of their trade and parted ways. A few days later, the Bananas were shredding the gnar in the pacific northwest while the Smalltowns were back to the grind of Cowtown domination. But the music lives on, the music lives on forever. Jizz Cannons 4 Life.
Certified Bananas/Smalltown DJ's - North American Wildlife

Certified Bananas are making their debut appearance at the legendary Brooklyn dance party The Rub this Saturday, May 5th. The Rub goes down at Southpaw, 125 5th Ave, Park Slope Brooklyn. Also, for those here in Minneapolis Certified Bananas will be coming to the First Avenue VIP Room on June 22nd to play a show with Willy Joy, Mike the 2600 King and Millions Billions.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

R. Kelly - "Rise Up" Tribute to Virginia Tech

R. Kelly has written a new song, "Rise Up," about healing post the April 16 shootings at Virginia Tech. "Rise Up" will be available digitally May 15, and 100 percent of the net proceeds from its sale will go to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. The lyrics include the lines: "Rise up, when you feel you can't go on, rise up, and all of your hope is gone, rise up, when you're weak and you can't be strong."

You can't hate on Kells trying to help out. Previously Lil Flip and Jin contributed songs, but I expect Kells will really focus on the healing that must now go on. For those that doubt, Kells is going to have no trouble with the subject. I base this optimism on having previously dominated in the inspirational, uplifting tracks genre penning "I Wish", "World's Greatest" and, "I Believe I Can Fly".

Here is about 15 seconds of the song, it gives you a really good idea of what to expect if "inspiration R. Kelly song" doesn't do the trick.

R. Kelly - "Rise Up" Clip


Tru Life Punches Cam'ron

The following is taken from SOHH:

A fist fight between Dipset rapper Cam'ron and Tru Life last night (April 30) has New York's Power 105 morning show host Ed Lover grappling to get the two sides to sit down and make peace.

This morning, Ed Lover reported the incident on his "Ed Lover Show with Egypt & Ashy." According to Lover, the two feuding MCs allowed their previously verbal beef to come to physical blows in front of a New York City club.

"What happened last night was Cam was standing in front of Club Stereo and Tru Life confronted him about what's been going on back and forth on the mixtapes and they got into a physical confrontation. Pretty much Tru Life hit Cam, cops broke it up and everyone dispersed," Ed Lover told SOHH exclusively.

No major injuries occurred and no one in either party has been arrested. Additionally, Ed Lover is currently doing his part to step in and prevent any further violence.

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The following is taken from Wikipedia:
At the age of 36, Big Hawk was killed on Monday night May 1, 2006 at about 10:30pm in Houston. It is alleged that he was on his way to visit a friend to play dominoes. After finding that his friend was not there yet, he proceeded to walk down the side of the house, where he was shot multiple times. The only lead Houston police have is a witness who claims to have seen a small white compact car leaving the scene shortly after the shooting. He had been working on bringing together all the remaining Screwed Up Click members to record a group album called 'The Takeover'.
For more on HAWK check out Houston So Real and make sure you download the tribute that was done for him on Damage Control last year.

50 Cent Gets Really Excited About Himself

Nice to see at least Curtis thinks "Straight To The Bank" is a good song.


David Banner - The Greatest Story Ever Told

If you read what I wrote here you already know my feelings about David Banner. His new album "The Greatest Story Ever Told" is shaping up to be everything one would expect from "Da Hulk". Right now you can listen to some tracks from the album at the Fader and for a limited time you can download them at his myspace.

The songs Banner has leaked himself are "9MM," with Akon, Wayne and Snoop (here Wanye compares himself to Leanne Rimes), the UGK collaboration "Suicide Doors", "Speaker" again with Akon and Wayne and then "K.O.".

I need to remember to check Banner's myspace more often, on March 12th he posted a bulletin that read the following:
help me with a title to my new album
if we pick your's you will win a biggggggggggggggg surprise
As one would expect the responses were brilliant, check them out here.