Thursday, November 30, 2006

Soviet Panda - I Go Hard I Go Home

Other than Still-Listen, Minneapolis is famous for cold weather and Prince amongst other things. One of those other things is Soviet Panda who fronts a dance night at First Avenue known as 'Too Much Love'. If you are in Minneapolis and like what you hear on this mix, it would only make sense to go to 'Too Much Love'. Still-Listen and Too Much Love will be DJ's on New Years at First Avenue in Minneapolis as well.

Soviet Panda - I Go Hard I Go Home (YSI)/(Z-Share)

powered by ODEO

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Boys Noize rework)
Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her (TS Brooklyn Fire re-touch)
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Van She remix)
The Presets - I Go Hard, I Go Home
Guns'n'Bombs - Nothing is Getting Us Anywhere
The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Nite Version)
Fox n' Wolf - In Yr Underwear (Jesper Dahlback mix)
Justice - Let There Be Light (demo)
DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo - I Am Somebody
Justin Timberlake - My Love (Linus Loves remix)
Brazilian Girls - Jique (MSTRKRKFT remix)
Spektrum - Don't Be Shy
The Rapture - Whoo! Alright - Yeah... Uh Huh (Simian Mobile Disco remix) / (original version)

Freekey Zekey's Welcome Home party with Cam'Ron

Camron 'No Homo' and Nate Robinson blocks Yao

A very interesting dilemma has been unearthed From 'Overheard in New York'

Ghetto kid #1
: Yo, Cam'ron be doin' some gay shit!

Ghetto kid #2: Nah, but he always calls 'no homo' so it's aight.
Ghetto kid #1: So if Cam'ron asked you to suck his dick 'no homo,' would you?
Ghetto kid #2: Well, if he called 'no homo...'

Let the debate commence...
Sports Illustrated posted the 15 worst uniforms in sports. Lots of hockey teams make the list, which I can't argue with, but I disagree with inclusion of the Bengals and Bills. Glad to see the Wolves made the list, maybe put the pressure on them to bring back the Laettner era jerseys!

Some must-see hoops action from the other week.
5'9" Nate Robinson blocks 7'6" YAO MING!

Australia has passed some tough legislation regarding the legality of having songs ripped from your own CD's on your Ipod. "You can be hit with a $6,600 fine or ticketed by police on the spot to the tune of $1320 simply for possessing infringing material!"

The Game and Travis Barker

The game will be preforming on AOL music December 1st with Travis Barker from Blink 182 and more recently +44. This shit is going to be out of hand, just look at this clip. Is that Travis Barker in a sling? Yes, he broke his arm shooting a video for +44.

I knew Game lived next to Benji from Good Charlotte, but I didn't know he was down with the Blink kids too.

I'm amazed..remember don't hate The Game

Young Buck Beats Up DJ

Young Buck is no stranger to defending his crew. Regardless of what is going on with G-Unit these days Young Buck still is holding it down. Remember when he stabbed someone because they threw a punch at Dre? Well this time he took out his anger at Club Nocturnal in Atlanta when he threw a punch at Hot 107.9's DJ Will because he was playing The Game's "One Blood."
Word is now there are signs at the station not to play any Young Buck.

Buck is going to have a tough time with his new album...

In other G-Unit news 50 Cent has given a title to his new album 'Before I Self Destruct'. He says the reason for this is "Because it could potentially happen."

Source VH1

Lil Wayne - The Carter 3 (Info)

It is not too early to start looking forward to the album of 2007. The cover above most likely isn't the actual cover for the 'Carter 3' but more likely an early photoshop job.

Wayne has promised that the 'Carter 3' will be a "classic" and I don't doubt it. This album will really determine if we can actually call Dwayne Carter the Greatest of All time. I know I formed that opinion after hearing his newest mixtape "Lil Weezyana Vol.1" compiled by New Orleans DJ Raj Smoove.

You can download the entire mixtape for free over at Weezy's official web page Young Money Entertainment. Here are two tracks that might interest you. I am still getting over this line:
“I’m so fresh I should be smacked, like Dee Barnes/ And you’ll get smacked like a baseball by B. Bonds.”
Lil Wayne - Donks (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Lil Wayne - Vans Remix (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Here are some tracks rumored to be on the 'Carter 3' although most of these look like tracks that have appeared on various mixtapes. I would not hold your breath for these tracks, they are just rumored.

* "Bonified Hustla"
* "All Alone"
* "Boyz N' The Hood" (featuring Rick Ross, Jody Breeze & Ice Cube)
* "Get Real Gangsta" (Produced by Scott Storch)
* "Fly and Flashy"
* "Boom Bap
* "Cry Out"
* "Destiny" (featuring Bow Wow, Birdman, & D-rock

In an interview also posted on the Young Money Entertainment site Wayne says that the album will be out in the middle of next year. Next year hopefully will also see the release of his collaboration with Juelz Santana 'I Can't Feel My Face' as well as the mixtape 'Dedication 3'.

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Snoop Dog in the News

I'm sure everyone knows Snoop was arrested again the other day, but what has come of this arrest is that Snoop is a member of the 'Rollin' 20s Crips'

Taken from the article:
Sergeant Kevin Grandalski, says, "Information developed during this investigation confirmed that Mr. Broadus is both a convicted felon and an admitted 'Rollin' 20s Crips' criminal street gang member who continues to associate with other Crips criminal street gang members.
Also from the same article Suge Knight has some things to say about Snoop:
"Snoop is a rat. He's a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don't like rats.

"Snoop has never been in a real fight. When there's trouble, he runs to the police. He throws up and starts crying."

Here is a video taken from the Bill O'Reilly show. He seems to think that Snoop should be arrested.

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead Video and Simian Mobile Disco

And the best video I have seen in a minute comes from Simian Mobile Disco for the song 'Hustler'.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Good The Bad and The Queen - "Kingdom Of Doom"

Here is the second single from the newest Damon Albarn/Dangermouse project.

The Pack, Jay-Z and vyle.

I know all the Britney Spears stuff might be a little too much for some of the regular people who come here. Back to some normal business.

The Pack have launched an official page via their new label Jive.

Here is some news from their official site:
The Pack will release their brand new EP "Skateboards 2 Scrapers" to your favorite digital music store on December 5, 2006 and then you can pick it up at your local record store on December 19th! The EP features their huge hit single "Vans" as well as more club bangers like "Candy," "Ride My Bike," and an exclusive "Vans" remix featuring Too $hort and Mistah FAB!
Another dude that is right there is vyle. I threw up some things by him not to long ago and now a new song is up for download on his myspace. Here it is:

vyle. - She Was All Smiles (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Soundscan is out for 'Kingdom Come' and Bob Lefsetz broke down what the numbers mean:
Is 708,000 a disappointment?

I'll posit it is.

If you're all over radio and TV, if this is all you can sell, then either you're a has-been or it's just about impossible to gain the country's attention.

Then again, is it evidence of the decline of rap?

OF COURSE this is a good number. But it is the fourth quarter, the album did go on sale over the holiday weekend, and Jay-Z is considered to be one of the greatest living rappers.

Let's change the equation. Let's say this was a movie. What we'd have here is a ten million dollar opening weekend. And it's not like the picture only opened in a few theatres and is gonna break wide, this is it, the whole enchilada has been blown, it's not like there can be MORE publicity, or it will be available in MORE stores. In other words, it's downhill from here. After Xmas is this record TOAST?

Not if you've got hit singles you say.

But will radio PLAY? Radio might say Jay-Z is too old. Might say the bloom is off hip-hop, they're going in a new direction. They might say the first single was NOT BIG ENOUGH!

That's the word on the street. The Jay-Z track just isn't a hit.

This wouldn't matter in the old days. Certainly not the seventies. You sell on the strength of your so-called brand, your credibility.

But then came MTV. And then, when MTV just about stopped playing videos, it was SOLELY about radio. And to sell tonnage, you needed Top Forty play. And Top Forty would only stick with what reacted. Is Jay-Z reacting? Well, it appears it isn't. The track slipped from number 8 to 13. It's going in the WRONG direction. And you live and die on the strength of your singles. Could it be that nobody told Jay-Z his track JUST WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH??

And it's not like you can break out a new single before Xmas and frozen playlists. And, although Beyonce's album recovered from less than stellar singles, she's still hot, she's still today, whereas Jay-Z is a HAS-BEEN?

Could it be that Jay-Z is no different from the classic rock acts? Could it be that NOBODY is interested in his new material? That he's just not FRESH?

I don't think so. It just hasn't been that long. But, another album after this one?? Could it be that like Michael Jordan, after being done with the Bulls, Jay-Z should have STAYED RETIRED?

It's a sad sad state of affairs in the music business today. It's about winners and losers. The middle ground? Hell, look at the movie business, there IS no middle ground.

How did it get this way?

Greed. Shooting for the top, for riches, the middle was abandoned. Nobody wants doubles when you can possibly have grand slams, when your corporate bosses are pestering you to meet expectations.

But no one will admit the problems. You'll see stories in the press how Jay-Z is BACK!

But the Game is sliding down the chart, only selling 138,000 discs this week. Almost nobody goes UP the chart, they just slide down. It's all about now, it's about what have you done for me lately. It's about Hollywood, Tinseltown, whereas music blew up because it had soul. I won't say the soul is gone, but it sure looks like it's in the witness protection program.

Another Britney Drop

Hey, at least she pumps her own gas.

Perez gets credit for unleashing this one on our eyes. Again, these pictures are NSFW.

Her fans are getting more and more frustrated, again from her official myspace page.

Friend michelle writes:
-You need to go home and TAKE CARE OF YOUR BOYS.......get away from the trouble makers...........the crouch shots are disgusting.......I can't believe that happened......WEAR PANTIES.....Gotta love ya cause you are the bomb but you need some MOMMY Training..........GO HOME TO YOUR CHILDREN AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geo! says:
-We are not being bad fans, showing how much we are worried about proves what AWESOME fans you have! IF we could all go to LA and help you out we would! In fact, we just might do that

Meanwhile instead of throwin some D's in Britney, K-Fed was all up on this Porn Star (which is apparently the reason for their divorce). Read the Superficial for more.

Remember this is relevant for here because K-Fed is a rapper.

Jay - Z Interview from 'The Come Up'

Taken from a new Billboard article:

DJ Green Lantern describes Jay's recent trip to Africa:
"They wrapped him up in traditional layers like a king, and he had to ride a horse. It was literally almost 100 degrees, and they kept adding layer upon layer. But he was very diplomatic."

I don't doubt that Green Lantern doesn't know what kind of subliminal he dropped right there.

The stuff going on with Britney is real serious right now, I guess she bunked out of a recording session with Mr. Skateboard P himself and he isn't quite happy with her. But nothing compares to the concern that her fans on her official myspace page have to say about her recent 'Pussy Drops' with Paris Hilton

Friend Andie♥ writes:
-hey britney much as i love you you need to read this so you understand how your fans may see the situation. you ended your marriage because kevin was partying too much , well now we see that your out partying with paris , maybe if you wanted to party it should have been when your husband was doing it. now your children need you so do the right thing brit, and be a mother and forget the partying .

Friend cheeky_bee isn't as nice:
-Britney grow a brain would you. You announced your divorce around two weeks ago and have done nothing but party and drink it up since. You would think at a time like this you would want to be with your children. Not out and about flashing your vagina to everyone. Hanging out with paris is going to ruin you simple. The backlash of your recent behaviour is now settling in...Have fun when those kids are taken away from you...Dammn have some respect for yourself and your babies...

Meanwhile, another Nas tracked dropped to the internet. I guess the track that was once called "QB Tru G's" (featuring The Game) (Produced by Dr. Dre) is now called "Hustlers" and you can grab it over at one of my three favorite spots of the internet Different Kitchen, Discobelle, or NahRight.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Britney Spears Is A Slut

Remember: NSFW = Not Suitable For work

I remember a time when people thought Britney Spears was pretty good looking. She isn't my type of girl but still I understand the attraction. I also remember when people actually wanted to see her naked. Well here it is, these pictures are horrible. I can't look at them, and even if I could I don't think I would. These are not accidental "pussy slips" these are are 100% intentional. I will not get in the habit of posting celebrity pussy drops on here, but this is just too much and I figure there has to be someone out there who wants to see she was married to a big time rap star.

The worst thing you will see all day

More pictures than you need are available over at The Superficial.

Ludacris feat. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne- Grew Up A Screw Up Remix

Ludacris feat. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne- Grew Up A Screw Up Remix (Stream Here)

I'm surprised this kind of thing hasn't happened yet:

Big Boi wants to makeover the Atlanta Falcons football team. Big Boi says, “(I’d) maybe put feathers on their sleeves. I wanna make ‘em fly.”


Game on Wendy Williams (Full Interview)

It is a really entertaining interview, and he has his best line against G-Unit yet.

"Ron Artest sold more albums than Lloyd Banks"

Pussyslips are all the rage in 2006 and ABC News actually wrote an article on it.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Watchmen Movie News

I heard a reliable rumor today that Adam Hughes is designing Watchmen costumes for the Watchmen movie to be directed by Zack Snyder (300).

Apparently Adam Hughes was a guest instructor for a day at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. As part of the lecture he told the class that he was doing the costume designs for the Watchmen movie.

Here is the Adam Hughes official site.

Hip-Hop Helen of Troy Tells All

Nas goes and takes a big loss via Carmen Bryan, she even drops ether on Jay.

Book Description from Amazon.
Carmen Bryan is no stranger to the rap world. Not only did she work at Def Jam and Capitol Records but she shares a daughter with hip-hop superstar Nas -- a relationship made extremely public through Nas's celebrity status, rap lyrics, and the ever-present media. Now, in It's No Secret, a strong, resilient Carmen bares all, telling her side of the story and leaving no detail unturned -- with the true candor and raw emotion of someone who has been there, done that, and survived.

From a clandestine relationship with Nas's biggest rival, Jay-Z, that stirred up the biggest feud in hip-hop history, to seeing her reputation in tatters and a once loving relationship with Nas fall apart, Carmen depicts her trying journey to become the strong woman and mother she is today. After years of turmoil that included drugs, sex, greed, and violence -- and abandoning what she had always prized above all, her freedom -- Carmen took a stand, focusing on herself. After years of pursuit by the media, Carmen sets the record straight in It's No Secret -- and has no regrets.
New York Daily News summarized some key points made by Carmen:

Carmen Bryan says Nas:
  • Beat her, cheated on her, cut her child support
  • Invited her for a threesome with the Kelis
  • Beat her "with a closed fist" after finding out about one fling. In turn, she "pulled out my pepper spray from my back pocket and sprayed Nas down like he was some rabid pit bull,"
She also says:
  • Kelis doesn't wear deodorant
  • Jay-Z scrubs his butt in the shower
  • Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he couldn't stand her breath
  • She slept with Jay-Z and Allen Iverson while dating Nas

Nintendo Superfan.

I just had to share this...

Air Listen...Ballin'

Freekey Zekey - Crunk Music

Zeke is home.

This song was posted up for download on his myspace:

Freekey Zekey - Crunk Music (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Here are youtube links to the DVD that comes along with Hustlers P.O.M.E.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Here is a link to a video done by Lil Wayne from the Young Money web site, there are some good questions answered here by Dwayne.

Here is Byron Crawford from XXL very honest and accurate review of 'Kingdom Come'. Unlike this totally absurd review of 'Hell Hath No Fury' from Pitchfork.

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Scattermish - Scouts Are Grouse Mix

I'm back from the Lou and getting some stuff together, but in the meantime. I was emailed this mix by Scattermish last week and I was unable to throw it up. If you are unfamiliar with the works of Scattermish or know him only by his blog, this mix will serve as a good introduction. This mix was made by Scattermish for his Birthday party in Australia last week.

Scattermish - Scouts Are Grouse Mix (YSI)/(Z-Share)

powered by ODEO

01-Mr Oizo - Bad Start
02-vyle - Machine Gun Drunk (bobmo)
03-Young Joc - It's Goin Down
04-Jay-z - Show Me What Ya Got
end of intro
05-Snoop ft E-40 Mc Eiht Goldie Loc Daz and Kurupt
06-Christina Aguilera - Still Dirrty
07-vyle - Lane Transfer (loot)
08-Chingy - You A Freak (Nasty Girl) ft Mr. Collipark
09-Ying Yang Twins - Jack It Up
10-David Banner - Play (Mr. Collipark)
11-Chelo ft Too Short - Yummy (instrumental)
12- E-40 ft Keak da Sneak - Tell Me Where To Go (acapella)
13-Nump ft Turf Talk - Slizzerrd
14-Lady Sovereign - Love Me or Hate Me Remix ft Missy Elliot
15-Spank Rock - Backyard Betty
16-Kid Sister - Damn Girl (A-Trak)
17-Aphex Twin-Window Licker (Run Jeremy's xxx lick)
18-Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back
19-Gwen Stefani - Hollerback Girl (Baileback girl remix)
20-Damien Marley-All Night
21-Solid Groove-Sick Na Good (JG Edit)
22-mia - XR 2
23-Uffie - Hot Chick (DJ Feadz Edit)
24-Uffie - Ready To Uff

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Young Jeezy - The Inspiration (Tracklist and Production Credits)

1. Hypnotize (Produced By Shawty Redd)
2. Still On It (Produced By Midnite Black)
3. You Know What It Is ( Produced By Shawty Redd)
4. J.E.E.Z.Y. (Produced By Shawty Redd)
5. I Luv It (Produced By DJ Toomp)
6. Go Getta (Feat. R. Kelly) (Produced By The Runners For Track N Field LLC)
7. A.M. (Feat. Timbaland) (Produced By Timbaland)
8. I'm The Realest (Produced By Drumma Boy)
9. Streets On Lock (Produced By Cool N Dre)
10. Bury Me A G (Produced By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
11. Dreamin' (Feat. Keyshia Cole) (Produced By The Runners)
12. Wha You Talkin About (Produced By Mr. Collipark)
13. Keep It Gangsta (Feat. Slick Pulla & Bloodraw) (Produced By Key Pushas)
14. Mr. 17.5 (Produced By Don Cannon)
15. I Got Money (Feat. T.I. & Kanye West) (Produced By DJ Toomp)
16. The Inspiration (Produced By Anthony Dent)

I don't think there should be debate over this terrible cover, I'm sure we can all agree. I wish he didn't change the name from "The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102" either.

Jay-Z - Big Pimpin (Feat. UGK)

I haven't always hated Jigga. Speaking of that I was sent this Jim Jones/Jay-Z photoshop by Rick.

Thanksgiving has made for some slowish news and things. It is so slow that I actually thought about reporting on Lil Boosie speaking out against Nas.

Eskay over at Nahright posted up quite a few tracks including some new Papoose

For those curious about the status of the "The Hobbit" the following, taken from IMDB confirms Peter Jackson's will direct:
As Lord of the Rings fans mounted a protest following word that New Line had dropped Peter Jackson from consideration as director of The Hobbit and another Lord of the Rings prequel, producer Saul Zaentz has given assurances that Jackson will indeed direct the two films. A German website,, posted an interview with Zaentz, who acquired the rights to the works of the late Rings writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, in 1976 (the Saul Zaentz Company owns Tolkien Enterprises), in which Zaentz says, "It will definitely be shot by Peter Jackson. ... Next year The Hobbit rights will fall back to my company. I suppose that Peter will wait because he knows that he will make the best deal with us. And he is fed up with the studios: to get his profit share on the Rings trilogy he had to sue New Line. With us, in contrast, he knows that he will be paid fairly and artistically supported without reservation." (The preceding quotation is a translation that appeared on from the German interview posted on

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead (Feat. Jay-Z) (106 & Jay Performance) [Video]

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Diplomats Christmas for Thanksgiving

Go get two tracks off the Dipset Christmas album over at Discobelle. For those that missed it the first time here is the tracklisting:

Album Track List:

1. Dipset X-Mas Time
2. Have A Happy Christmas
3. Wish List
4. Ballin’ On X-Mas
5. If Everyday Was X-Mas
6. We Get Money
7. Too High
8. City Boys
9. We Fly High Remix feat. Diddy, T.I., JD, Young Dro, and Baby
10. Letter To The Game

I will be in St. Louis for the holiday. I will do my best to keep up with stuff. Boss will be holdin it down. Email me if anything crazy happens.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Nas - 'Hip Hop Is Dead' Cover and Tracklist

Track Listing and Production Credits for 'Hip Hop is Dead'

1. "QB Tru G's" (featuring The Game) (Produced by Dr. Dre)
2. "Won't Go Back"
3. "You Mean the World to Me"
4. "Where Y'all At" (Produced by Salaam Remi)
5. "Play on Playa" (featuring Snoop Dogg) (Produced by Scott Storch)
6. "Carry on Tradition" (Produced By Scott Storch)
7. "Black Republican" (featuring Jay-Z) (Produced By L.E.S.)
8. "Still Dreamin'" (featuring Kanye West) (Produced by Kanye West)
9. "White Man's Paper (War)" (featuring Damien Marley) (Produced by Afrikan)
10. "Blunt Ashes" (Produced by Chris Webber)
11. "Hip Hop Is Dead" (featuring (Produced by
12. "Where are They Now?" (Produced by Nas & Salaam Remi)
13. "Let There Be Light" (featuring Tre Williams) (Produced by Kanye West)
14. "Can't Forget About You" (featuring Chrisette Michelle) (Produced by

Snoop Dogg Rap City Freestyle (11-21-2006)

The Game - Soundscan

The final soundscan numbers are in for the first week sales for 'The Doctor's Advocate':


Not bad, but not the 500,000 he was hoping for.

Thanks to Sara for sending this in.

New Jay - Z Cover Art

Wow. Thanks for sending this in.

Sir J. Wellington - Live Video

The Sir J. Wellington account on YouTube says he is 26. He looks a tad younger than that. This is a very interesting move by Wellington, I mean this ruins all the fun right? As a matter of fact, the Sir J. Wellington mystery is revealed.

I was curious if 50 aka "Fif" would respond to The Game on the 'Re-Up' and the only mention is this:

"I carried Game's style for 9 months - an gave birth to it, now I'm feelin like a...
proud father - watchin'em do it"

Here is a new Spiderman 3 poster (not liking it as much as the first one).

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jan/Feb XXL Covers and Freekey Zekey on Shade 45

Freekey Zeekey stopped by Shade 45 today. Here is a link to the audio. It is 47 minutes long...

It slipped my mind, but the Ying Yang Twins have a new album coming out on November 28th. The album is called 'Chemically Imbalanced'. Here is a link to the "Dangerous" video along with an amazing promo picture.

"Dangerous feat. Wyclef Jean" (Video)

Jay - Z 'Let the Truth Be Told'

In case you were not aware Jay-Z just released an album. Jay-Z has also been spotted on TNT recently as part of the 'Let the Truth Be Told' campaign. The series includes approx. eight different 30-second spots that show Jay-Z sharing his ‘truths' during a thought-provoking interview, during a ride through the streets of Manhattan in the back of a chauffer-driven car.

The campaign was previously directed by Spike Lee and has featured LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Sacha Baron Cohen in his Ali G persona.

Here is the first video in which Jay-Z talks about retiring and coming back...

Freekey Zekey Is Home!

This picture is from the Airport yesterday (11/20).

This track was posted up on Freekey Zekey's Myspace today:

Freekey Zekey Feat Ike & Shyst - Superstar Remix (Produced by The Firemen) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Here is an interview that Zekey did with illHill.

Another interview over at AllHipHop.

Welcome Home! Now wouldn't it be perfect if Zekey went at Jay right out of the gate?

Speaking of Jay. What in the name of everything is he doing on the new Fall Out Boy record?

Cam'ron - You Must Not Know [Jay-Z Diss]

Cam'ron - You Must Not Know (YSI)/(Z-Share)

I don't think he is done either.
If Jigga doesn't respond to this he is I will be very surprised.

"ya label is like my coke, shook it, cooked it, rocked it (roc'ed it) broke it up"

With about 1 minute and half into this track there is another new Cam track with Hell Rell.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Trailer

Lil Wayne - All Alone (Speaking On Nivea/Hot Boys)

Has Lil Weezy has grown soft? Has the kissing incident with Birdman made him a little bit softer, a little bit more of an emotional Weezy ("please say the baby")? A new song from Lil Wayne has brought some light to this. It is from the new "Young Money Vol. 1 Lil Weeziana" Mix tape.

Lil Wayne - All Alone (Stream)

Get the full track over at NahRight in the Daily Headlines.

There are a few points to be made with regards to this track:

The other day Boss and I were watching BET and they showed the 'Go DJ' video and we both remarked on the size of Lil Wayne then and now (no homo). I claimed that Young Dwayne Carter must be on steroids. On this new track 'All Alone' he all but confirms this:
"Since you've been gone,
I have been all alone,
but the steroids made me strong"
Wayne also reaches out to his Hot Boys (isn't that name a little curious now):
"I love my n*ggas, that's no homo, I hope they all get cheese like in Digorino (the pizza),
It's something about the Hot Boyz that you don't know,
I got a lot of love for them that I don't show,
And B.G. been my n*gga since the front door,
I hope Choppa City Records blow.. fa sho,
And me and Juve never really got along,
But you still would let your n*gga come get on your hottest song,
I f*ck with you for that,
I f*ck wit lil wack
and me and lil skip, we go way back when
you see a real n*gga, u go tip yo hat
and since I'm a real n*gga, I do just that"
If you want to read more about analysis of the lyrics to 'All Alone' visit HHNLive.

Anyone else think Michael Richards (Kramer) would look great in one of these?

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Tony Yayo dissin Jim Jones & Game/Young Buck Rap City Freestyle

If you are just curious what Tony Yayo has to say about Jimmy and the Game, then download these. I didn't even really listen to them, I don't care what Yayo has to say about anything. Just the thought of him having anything to say at this point is just silly.

Tony Yayo Dissin Jim Jones & Game Pt.1 (YSI)/(Z-Share)
Tony Yayo Dissin Jim Jones & Award Shows Pt.2 (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Maybe Tony doesn't realize that Game sold at least triple what Banks did first week. Then again, it was 50 that said something like without G-Unit nor Dr. Dre, Game would be a gold artist...I heard an early number from soundscan but Game's first week sales around 500,000.

Nas has a quote from MTV Mixtape Monday with regards to the recent war of words with the Diplomats:
"I'm trying to uplift the unity," Nas said last week in NYC. "You listen to [Cam'ron's dis], that was just pieces of 'Ether' put together. You have to make a certain amount of albums to be in the ring with me. You can't have one album or two albums or went platinum one time, or you may have performed in front of 6,000 people once in your life. You have to be somebody in my weight class. You can't fight like that. That's not really a battle.

"But there are spankings I can do," he added. "Lyrical, verbal assaults I can do on some of you clowns. But the take on this album is more of a unity thing. I don't really know if I'm gonna let some of those records fly where I do answer a thing or two. Maybe, maybe not." ...
I want to hear these spankings (no homo).

Can someone let me know what Frootylootybotty had to say about Still-Listen and Discobelle? I put it into a French translator and I couldn't make much sense of it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

NERD - Lapdance Video (Uncut)

Just a quick break from the Dipset/Jay stuff. This video is very NWFW. I know it isn't new or anything. I just thought some of you might want to watch this.

Jr Writer - I Got Em' (Jay - Z Diss)

Jr Writer - I Got Em' (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Jr got some pretty good lines in there, but didn't end the whole thing..if you are looking for an Ether against Jay (40 year Hov) your not going to see it right here. He also spends the last 30 seconds doing promotions for the Dips.

"That Camel needs a cigarette ad"

So, last night Kay Slay premiered a new Nas track as well as a Camron diss against Jay. A report from someone who heard the diss said Cam was talking about how Jay was the one who put the hit out on him and how he can't feel some fingers....

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Playstation 3

Stepping away from the Jim Jones/Jay-Z headlines and on to another major story of the day...

One of the readers of this site has now turned into a contributor. He works for a major video game company and from time to time he will provide a little insider knowledge of what is going down. With that being said here is his take on the Playstation 3:

This is not how my crew got our hands on a PS3.

Working for one of the biggest video game companies in America (HINT:FINISH HIM!) has a few perks. One such perk is getting our hands on a premium edition PS3 the morning of launch without having to camp out in line for days, paying off baseheads to hold our spot, or greasing Game Stop managers with a copy of Mortal Kombat:Armageddon.

Hardware launches are the biggest days in the videogame industry. Here in our companies testing lab, all of the executives are trying to stake a seat in our lab, to see what the future is all about.

The PS3 is really heavy and really pretty (no homo). Heavy duty. The biggest drawback is lack of HD composite cables. $600 system, a default Blu-Ray player, and you have to pay extra for cables to hook it up to your HDTV? Come on.

But that’s Sony. They have to make their money back any way that they can. As of right now, Sony is losing approximately $305 for every 20GB system, and $240 for every 60GB system. That’s a heavy L in numbers, especially in comparison to Nintendo, who will come right out of the gates making profit on every Wii. Balllllllin’

The game to get for PS3 is Resistance, an “alternate history” first person shooter. What does that mean? Think WWII vs Aliens instead of Nazis. It looks good, the controls are easy to pick up (the PS3 controller is identical to the PS2).

Is it worth the drama? Sadly in life, nothing really is.

The Legendary Kufi Smacker

Keep sending in your photo shop jobs. I love this game. Thanks to Anders for this.

I guess YouSendIt is buggin out. Sorry bout that. I don't know what is going on. Stream it at XXL.


Want to rock the shirt Jimmy is on the cover of the source? Head over to Santana's Town.

Jim Jones Ft. Jay-Z and Juelz Santana - We Fly High

I welcome all photoshop jobs pertaining this issue (this one was sent in by designer of our logo). Just email me something I will put it up.

Jim Jones Ft. Jay-Z and Juelz Santana - We Fly High (Beef Mix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Oh and how can you not love that there is a Greatful Dead Radio advertisement on here (left column).

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Jim Jones Ft. Jay-Z and Juelz Santana - We Fly High (Beef Mix)

There is the real cover of the new Source. Thanks to the dudes that sent this to me (where can I cop one of those belts?).

Jim Jones Ft. Jay-Z and Juelz Santana - We Fly High (Beef Mix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Some great lines by Jimmy:
"Tell nas to buy you a kufi so I can smack it off ya head"
"immitation is the best form of flattery so I'm flattered"

Jim Jones speaks to DJ Wrekk One about the Jay Z diss (YSI)/(Z-Share). Thanks to Ian at Notes from a Different Kitchen for this.

Juelz going in on this is really nice. Jimmy cleared up some of the Def Jam/Juelz things in his interview with AllHipHop.
"He’s not signed to Jay. LA Reid handles all Juelz’ business, not Jay.
He can’t get shelved. Told ya, LA Reid is the boss over there. He even bigger than Jay. Juelz Santana is straight, and anytime he don’t like the Def Jam situation, he will be off of it in days."
This all didn't start with 'Kingdom Done', if you don't have them go get all the old diss tracks from Cam towards Jay way back from January.

Been waiting for this to happen for a while now.

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Lil Wayne - We Fly High (Young Money Remix)

Question: Who is he?

Answer: The best rapper alive.

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine - We Fly High (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Not the Jim Jones/Jay-Z remix I was hoping for, but this will do.


And in case you missed it below here is the NSFW Game Playboy photo shoot.

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Jim Jones - Responds to Jay Z

For those new to the site, we like to keep a very close pulse on the Jay-Z vs Diplomats situation. We did it before, and we will do it again. In an interview with All Hip Hop Jimmy explained what is next.
"I’m gonna put my verse to it, then we got the official Jim Jones [and] Jay-Z remix. He ain’t even spittin’ right on that joint, so he kinda disappointed me ‘cause I thought he would’ve came harder. But for the people, I’m gonna put my verse on it tonight, so we gonna have the official Jay-Z [and] Jim Jones remix, and I’m gonna have it tomorrow."
Jimmy's reaction and what exactly the remix is going contain:
"I thought Jay was gonna try to get at me! That s**t bounced off me, that s**t was weak! He just helped my song out. He got me on the hook and all that, talkin’ ‘bout “Brooklyn!” - so I’m just gonna go “Harlem!” He wanna say “ballin’!” but he said, “Brooklyn!” - you see how he sounds? You coulda said “ballin’!” baby, if you wanted to do the remix, you could’ve done it for New York with me, we coulda did the New York thing. I wouldn’t have been mad, I understand what’s goin’ on around the world: New York gotta come back, but he went about it wrong. You can’t divide Brooklyn and Harlem, ‘cause I’ve got more n***as in Brooklyn than you. Shouts to Bed Stuy, shouts to Marcy, shouts to Marcus Garvey, shouts to Jefferson, shouts to Lincoln. Come on, don’t play with us, man! We out there, man."
Jimmy also breaks down this weeks charts:
"I don’t know if people understand what I’ve done this week, by shipping 300,000 units, I did 108,000 units – that ratio is incredible, understand? For me to be on an independent and to do 108,000 units in the first week is outta hand – not to mention that we do get seven [dollars and some change] a record, understand? So I just recouped and made a few dollars the first week, and next week, I’ll make all seven dollars off my records. It’s a big game goin’ on now, that I’m not mad at. I came in number one rap album, number one indie album, number six overall. I was lookin’ at the charts today… it’s funny though, ‘cause I was listenin’ to him on HOT 97, [and] he was sayin’ how [I’m] not in the top five rappers. Now, I’m on these things, which I’m gonna fax you so you can put ‘em up on the computer tomorrow. [Reading:] This is a BDS from HOT 97’s playlist, it says “We Fly High” is the number one record, getting played 98 times, and “Kingdom Come” is the number 11 record, getting played 38 times, “Show Me What You Got” is the number 14 record, getting played 34 times. [Laughs] The number two record is Snoop, what’s up Snoop?"
So in conclusion, by the end of today we should have a "We Fly High" Jim Jones Feat Jay Z remix to listen to.


Here is the entire NSFW Game photo shoot from Playboy. Enjoy.

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Young Jeezy - I Love It (Video)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jim Jones on the cover of Source


Jay - Z - Brooklyn High (Jim Jones Diss)

Jay - Z - Brooklyn High (Jim Jones Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Jay Z did it..He needed this.

Now I can only hope Cam is working on something.


I strongly disagree with this line from the track

"I got stronger after Ether"

Did I miss something?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Poster

I ain't gonna lie next July is going to be one hell of a month for all the Harry Potter heads out there.

Zune finds 600 songs in a music library with 3,000

Ps3 comes out tonight (12:01 AM) I saw some people at target last night either waiting for a big payday or a big day of video games. I have heard a few things this morning for those thinking about going to wait for one.

1) Stores are actually getting less than they thought up even 1/4 of their shipment
2) That E-Bay is somehow going to limit the amount that can be sold. I saw an auction this morning end for over 2 grand.

Go to Console Camp for news and pictures.

Dipset Xmas - Album Cover and Tracklist

I threw the cover up a few days ago, and here is the tracklisting to go along with the Dipset Christmas record.

Album Track List:

1. Dipset X-Mas Time
2. Have A Happy Christmas
3. Wish List
4. Ballin’ On X-Mas
5. If Everyday Was X-Mas
6. We Get Money
7. Too High
8. City Boys
9. We Fly High Remix feat. Diddy, T.I., JD, Young Dro, and Baby
10. Letter To The Game

Source: Amazon

I wish there was a song called "Ho, Ho, Ho's"...but at least they included "Ballin' On X-Mas" and I can't imagine what the "Wish List" will contain.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Game Does Playboy

Pharrell did one of these Playboy photo shoots a while back. Game wilds out in this one. Here is a link to a photo slide show (all are semi ok to look at at work). You have to pay to see the ones that you shouldn't look at at work.

Here is a link to the whole thing over at

I will just go ahead and give you links to all the notable Playboy shoots.

DMX and Special Editions model Heather McQuaid
Nelly and Playmate Nicole Narain
Ja Rule with Playmates Christi Shake and Michele Rogers
Ludacris and Special Editions model Krystal Tamburino
Jerry Lawler and Cyber Girl Wendy Culp
Ol' Dirty Bastard and Special Editions model Stacy Hetrick
Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz with Cyber Girl Cynthia Lea
André 3000 and model Alejandra Lares
Big Boi and model Jordan
FlavorFlav and Cyber Girl Mary Jane

Jerry the King

Clipse - Mama I'm Sorry (Big Mike)

Little something off the new Big Mike 'The Sun Still Rises in the East.' Tracklisting and to buy HERE.

Clipse - Mama I'm Sorry (YSI / Zshare)

This Papoose song has some crazy use of Rick James for the sample in the beat..

Papoose - Bring Your Guns (YSI / Zshare)

Does LeBron want to be the King of NY (photo courtesy of Yaysports)? Possibly, I mean he for sure knows how to 'Fly High'
Overheard at the Cav's Knicks game the other night according to Dime Magazine,

"LeBron also scored 29. In one sequence ‘Bron scored two straight buckets, then came down and hit a three, and – according to one of our boys at the game – looked at Spike Lee on his way back and said “Baaaallin!!!” …

Don't forget the BET awards tonight. Katt Williams will be hosting and representing the Dips, Jimmy's doing We Fly High, Luda and Jeezy prove they have no beef and rap together, and Game does One Blood with Snoop, etc...

The Game - Reasonable Doubt

For the amount of times he name drops all these guys, you would think he would at least have this stuff straight by now.

I don't mean to 'Hate on The Game' or anything but he needs to be called out on this.

This is the best mashup I have ever seen...the 'CheTrooper'

Buy it here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead (Track Listing and Production Credits)

I received a few emails about the tracklisting/production credits for 'Hip Hop is Dead' so here it is...btw that picture obviously has nothing to do with Nas or 'Hip Hop is Dead'. But Dr. Boss says it is the same person on the Camron shooting video...I don't know

1. Don’t Hate Me Now (produced by Salaam Remi)
2. QB Tru G’s featuring The Game (produced by Dr. Dre)
3. Black Republican featuring Jay-Z (produced by L.E.S.)
4. Where Y’all At (produced by Salaam Remi)
5. Play on Playa featuring Snoop Dogg (produced by Scott Storch)
6. Still Dreaming featuring Kanye West & Chrisette Michelle (produced by Kanye West)
7. White Man’s Paper featuring Damien Marley (produced by Afrikan)
8. Blunt Ashes (produced by Chris Webber)
9. Hip-Hop Is Dead featuring by
10. Where Are They Now (produced by Nas and Salaam Remi)
11.Let There Be Light featuring Tre Williams (produced by Kanye West)
12. Not Going Back featuring Kelis (produced by Star Gate)
13. Can’t Forget About You featuring Chrisette Michelle (produced by
14. Hold Down the Block (produced by Mark Batson)

While on the topic of Nas, how could he let his wife leave the house looking like this?
Not a good look for Nas

Soundscan is in for last week. Jimmy Jones had good first week numbers for Hustlers P.O.M.E, I was hoping for 500,000 but 108,627 is pretty damn good for Jimmy.

Is that Chris Webber producing track 8 ('Blunt Ashes') the same as this Chris Webber? Boss says it is (I hope he isn't wrong twice in this post).

Dipset Christmas Cover

This required another update. December 5th Jim Jones is coming to town.

Is the Zune really the iPod killer?

Image taken from Idolator via FLX-Tech.

The Zune was released early today at best buy and it doesn't seem to be the hit some might have thought.

I know I am waiting until a new version comes out to make up my mind. I like that the Zune is wireless and it will work with my soon to be owned xbox360. I use my nano when I workout but the Zune seemed like it would have been great to watch stuff on and store more music than my 2 gig nano does.

I was shocked today when I read that the Rolling Stones are blocked from the Zune, and the only way to put songs on your Zune is from the Zune Marketplace.

I was shocked that artists were blocked from the Zune, but I understood given it involved the Rolling Stones. What surprised me more is that Universal is actually getting money from Zune sales.

Here is a link to more pictures and a story of a frustrated purchase of the Zune.

What remains to be seen will be how can the Zune be tricked. If the Stones (or other bands) are blocked from the Zune how easy will it be to change the properties of the track to trick the Zune.

Does anyone else think it is weird that the error message is of an Asian girl getting wrestled to the ground?

Pitbull - El Mariel

Pitbull released "El Mariel" a few weeks ago. It is much different than his last record, Pit sounds more mature, yet he still has his party tracks on it. I feel like I should have covered this record way more than I did. I have been looking forward to this for quite a while and I he really doesn't get the love he deserves (especially in a November packed with new albums).
On a side note I figured out what "El Mariel" is, it is the the Cuban boat lift that relocated almost 125,000 Cubanos to Florida. Here are some good bits about his new record including a link to his blog on XXL. It is a interesting read, as you would expect.

Aye, Chico - Video (Quicktime) (Windows Media Player)

Bojangles – Video (Quicktime) (Windows Media Player)

Here is a link to the XXL review:

Tracklisting to "El Mariel"

1. "Intro"
2. "Miami Shit
3. "Come See Me"
4. "Jealouso"
5. "Que Tu Sabes D'Eso" (featuring Fat Joe & Sinful)
6. "Fademaster Skit"
7. "Be Quiet"
8. "Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)"
9. "Fuego"
10. "Rock Bottom" (featuring Bun B & Cubo)
11. "Amanda Diva Skit"
12. "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" (featuring Redd Eyez)
13. "Jungle Fever" (featuring Wyclef & Oobie)
14. "Hey You Girl"
15. "Raindrops" (featuring Anjuli Stars)
16. "Voodoo"
17. "Descarada (Dance)" (featuring Vybz Cartel)
18. "Dime (Remix)" (featuring Ken-Y)
19. "Bojangles (Remix)" (featuring Lil' Jon & Ying Yang Twins)
20. "Born N Raised" (DJ Khaled featuring Pitbull, Trick Daddy, & Rick Ross)
21. "Outro"
22. "We Run This" (ITunes Bonus Track)

While getting this post together I found info on another album due in 2007 called "Armando". This album is said to be a Spanish language release with producers Lil Jon, Orishas, The Diaz Brothers, Jim Jonsin, Echo from Puerto Rico and Mr. Collipark contributing.