Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mid Week Things

The word is that Ghostface will not be appearing on the new Wu-Tang album '8 Diagrams' I have heard multiple sources report this, and all site the RZA as their source. I'm sure this dampens the excitement for many. I wonder if Ghost will be the only original member out.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood has heard a new 50 Cent track off 'Before I Self Destruct' that features Jay-Z and is produced by Dr. Dre. Westwood says the song is incredible and the best thing he has heard since Ice Cube's "Today Was A Good Day". HHNLive adds that Jay-Z shouts out at the entire G-Unit crew at the start of the track and even adds a "GGGGG-Unit"

For those wondering what Benzino has been up to recently, you don't have to wonder any more. The former co-owner of The Source has been video taping himself making some real raw moves. This video is really NSFW.

Those more curious what former Russian pop group T.A.T.U has been doing will find more enjoyment out of looking at these pictures from the Russian GQ than that Benzino video.

I was watching BET yesterday and I hadn't realized how much of a hit MIMS track "This Is Why I'm Hot" has become. It is the first single off the album 'Music Is My Savior', which is due in stores April 3rd. For those that have missed out, here is a stream for the single "This Is Why I'm Hot" and here is a link to the video.

Finally, I repeat make sure you check out the mix from DJ Joe Cruse below

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DJ Joe Cruse - Still Listen To Gangsta Music Mix

It has been a long time since I last posted a DJ mix and over the next couple of months a couple people are working on mixes specifically for Still Listen. As usual, if you are interested in submitting a mix please email me let me know that you are interested.

I am happy to resurrect these mixes with a mix from DJ Joe Cruse. DJ Joe Cruse is a name that people in Minneapolis are starting to hear. I asked if Joe would be willing to work on a mix for the site and he came up with this 30 minute mix that fits the site very well. Check out Joe Cruse on myspace to keep up to date with parties and events that he is working on.

If you want to subscribe to the Still-Listen Podcast open up iTunes drop down the "advanced" menu and click "subscribe to podcast" and then paste in the URL to subscribe to the podcast.

The URL is:

Don't sleep on this mix, you can stream the mix below as well.

DJ Joe Cruse - Still Listen To Gangsta Music Mix (YSI)/(Z-Share)

powered by ODEO

Here is the tracklisting:
Young Jeezy - What You Talkin bout
AZ - Royal Salute
The Game - Its Okay/One Blood
Jay-Z - Oh My God
Bloodshot ft Rick Ross - What You Sittin On
The Ying Yang Twins - Jigglin
Fabo - Scotty
Papoose - Gwap
Jim Jones - We Fly High
Cutty Ranks Inst
Clipse - Ain't Cha
NAS - Let There Be Light
Kelis ft NAS -Blindfold Acappella vs Cut Chemist - The Garden (Beats)
The Up All Night Crew - Gang Bang Music
Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha (Kraddy Remix)
DJ Marley Marl - Move Like This
Ghostface Killah - Good
Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know
NAS - Where Are They Now?
Trick Daddy - Jodd Instrumental.

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Rich Boy - Throw Some D's feat. Polow Da Don (Live on 106 and Park)

Rich Boy's album comes March 13th.

Watching this video you really get an idea how small Rich Boy is. The girls really go wild when he takes his jacket off, the ladies must really like small guys.

RealTalkNY was at the Rich Boy listening station last night with pictures and a video.

Sorry for the second video update today, I figured since they are both quality it would slide.

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The Game ft. Kanye West - Wouldn’t Get Far (Video)

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jim Jones and Dipset Update

Things have been quiet on the Jim Jones front, so I did some looking around and have a bit of an update as to what to expect from Capo in the first half of 07.

Jimmy posted the 2 Million Dollar bail for Max B and is currently working on a new mixtape with Max B called 'Out On Bail With A Story To Tell'.

Jimmy is also working on his first featured role in a movie titled 'Thug Passion'. This is what Jimmy had to say about the role:
It’s a little different role I’m playing. I’m playing a lover-boy type. It’s a little hot and steamy. I’m having sex all over the place. It’ll be a different look for the ladies. No guns involved, just my charm. It’s my first experience, I’m learning it. It’s not the regular type of role they give young black men such as myself. They give us the gangster role, the drug-dealer role. That’s why I took it: because it’s a stretch.
When done with the movie Jimmy is going out on tour (March). The tour is set to include Juelz, Lil Wayne and Birdman. There are 30 dates planned for the tour (dates not announced yet). Jim also plans on releasing a compilation along with a DVD for the tour.

As far as other Diplomats news goes, JR Writer has 'Writers Block 4' on the way (February 13th) , 'More Than Music Vol.2' and the long awaited 'Diplomats Vol.6'.

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Kay Slay,Rich Boy Remix, Jay - Z and More

The above image is Kay Slay's attempt to maybe fool the RIAA, or at least throw them a curve ball. It also is the worst cover for a mixtape I have ever seen.

My friend Loren sent me the Rich Boy (Feat Lil' Jon, Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee, & The Game) - Throw Some D's (Remix) last night and you can grab it over at Che Sing the Cool right now.

Go to XXL to listen to the Curren$y ft. Lil Wayne “Dead Presidents Freestyle”. I think Curren$y might be the best weed carrier in the game right now. I am really looking forward to his record 'Music To Fly To".

Did anyone catch the Jay-Z's stalker on Dr. Phil yesterday? I will post a video as soon as I find it.

Jay-Z's Nets get $400M from Ex-Slave-Trade Co. Jigga what?

If you haven't been paying attention to what Polow Da Don has been doing, you should be. 2006 could be his year.

Didn't Diddy just have twins? What is he doing with Sienna Miller?

Imitating A Scanner Darkly in Photoshop

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Rich Boy Cover Art and Info on the Fabolous Album

It took seeing this cover to remember how excited I am about this record dropping. If you haven't read it make sure you check out the interview I did with Rich Boy back in December.

I saw Rizoh also posted up this cover today over at the Rap Up.

Rich Boy will be preforming live on 106 and Park tomorrow (Jan 30th)

I am skeptical about everything I read about a new Fabolous album, but apparently Fabolous's album 'From Nothin To Something' will be dropping on March 27th. The first single "Return Of The Hustle" and features Swizz Beatz and produced by Just Blaze". Listen this track on his myspace page.

And finally, Meth is a really, really bad idea.


Mistah FAB - Ghost Ride It (Video) and Monday Stuff

Some new Weezy audio...
Lil' Wayne - Miami Vice (Stream at HHNLive)

A nice post by Ian at Different Kitchen about my favorite underrated album of last year, Killer Mike's 'Pledges Allegiance to the Grind'

Snoop Dogg is selling tracks over at his myspace (for 89 cents), thanks to the Kenyatta for pointing this out.

Does anyone really care that 9th Wonder left Little Brother? While semi on topic, check out the Stones Throw record they are giving away today called 'Chrome Children Vol. 2' the new way to Google.

Here is a 20 minute video from Paris Exposed of Paris Hilton getting molested by the guy who does (did?) Girls Gone Wild..The best part about the video is the dude doing ton of cocaine off his own chest. This reminds me, here is an anti-coke PSA from the government of Colombia.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne - Black Republicans

Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne - Black Republican (YSI)/(Z-Share)

This is a radio rip from the Mr.C radio show. Despite it being a radio rip it is decent quality.

Didn't Jay-Z say something on the Kayne "Diamonds" Remix like "How could you falter when you're the rock of Gibraltar"? Is is it a coincidence that Juelz says "The rock of Gibraltar has now fallen" on this track?

Now does this track mean that we might actually get 'I Can't Feel My Face' this year?

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Gangsta Rap The Movie

Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary will be released in LA theaters on March 2nd. More information can be found at the films official myspace page. Here is a stream to a track off the soundtrack called "In My House Shoes"

powered by ODEO

There are a bunch of real-life rappers and stand-up comedians such as Too $hort and Eddie Griffin involved in the movie.

Does this kind of movie support or serve as an pathway for kids to think it is acceptable to throw parties like this one, or this one? I have been reading a pretty interesting debate on this recently and I wanted to see what some people here thought.


Friday Things

I was forced today to transfer to the new version of blogger. Hopefully one of these days I will be done with blogger. I want to thank Fresh from 33Jones for all the help with this switch over. Until I can figure out how to remove it, that tool bar is going to be up top, so use the search feature while you can. If you don't think I should remove it, just let me know. Anyway, all that being said..I have some random things for a Friday for ya.

New DJ Khaled off his album 'We the Best' called "We Taking Over" Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman, and Lil Wayne over at Milk Was a Bad Choice. Thanks for the reader who sent this in.

Stones Throw Giving Away Another Free Album, this time it will be the 'Chrome Children Vol.2' and will be available on their web site on January 29th (via HHNLive)

Head over to Discobelle for a new Bird Peterson mix

Them Jeans have a new podcast out here is a link to Podcast vol. 2

Katie Holmes has chosen not to return to the role of Rachel Dawes in the new Batman movie called 'The Return of the Dark Knight' in bigger news, did everyone catch the body shaping underwear style Katie was rocking the other day?

Finally, make sure you enter the contest for a free swatch via Lady Sovereign

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sean Price on the Art of Writing

Make sure you grab Jesus Price Superstar on January 30th. For more visit the Boot Camp Clik myspace page.

2.5 Albums later I didn't see this one coming, check out the Biggie Greatest Hits track listing over at The Rap Up

The top ten worst rap covers ever according to someone. It is a pretty funny collection but how can you deny the genius behind the Big Bear cover?


Un Kasa Boxing Match

Um excuse me Un Kasa...

Tara Reid takes disgusting to a whole new level. Recently she joined Akon on stage (Akon must be a big American Pie fan). According to reports she was "sexed up" by Akon and one person from his entourage. A person in the crowd said, “Tara looked to be enjoying herself. It was like some weird, clothed sex ritual.” Here is a picture.

Fun Facts About The End of the World

This summer the Wu Tang will release their new album called '8 Diagram'

Halo 3 finally has a rumored release date of November 15, 2007

Lots of big Paris Hilton news this week. To make a long story short, Paris didn't pay her bill for this storage space that she had and now the same guy that paid for her "Porno" to be released is fronting a web site where you can gain access to all this crap. Paris was keeping all this crazy stuff in the storage space that will now be leaked to the internet. Page Six has the full list. Now we have even more pictures of Paris, but nothing tops this great picture of her smoking a tampon. (Via The Superficial) If you want to pay for this site, here is a link.

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Interview with Lil B from The Pack

The Pack just released a 7 song EP called 'Skateboards 2 Scrapers ' through Up All Night/Jive Records. The single "Vans" was covered in all corners of the internet and raised controversy after being edited for MTV after their refusal to air the video due to the product placement. Regardless of support the video received, "Vans" was listed as the number 5 song of the year by Rolling Stone. "I'm Shining"(which in my opinion is the best song on the EP) has just been released as the next single.

After some initial confusion about the name of this web site I was able to settle in for an interview with Lil B from The Pack (Lil Uno, Young L, and Young $tunna stepped out). I explained where I was from and it some how resulted in Lil B thinking I had some purple haze.

The most surprising thing in the interview was that Lil B didn't know about the DJ Drama/Donald Cannon stuff. I was also taken back by Lil B's answer to who he would like to work with if he could work with anyone.

JJ: What was your reaction to name change from 'The Wolfpack' to 'The Pack'?
Lil B: It's all good there were a lot of groups out there with the name and we had to distinguish ourselves

JJ: You know about the wrestlers right
Lil B: Oh yea Kevin Nash and those dudes

JJ:You didn't name yourselves after them did you?
Lil B: Nahh

JJ: What producers are you looking for for the LP
Lil B: Young L is gonna do the whole thing, Lil Jon, we are hoping to get and Jazzie Pha

JJ: What guests would you want to get if you could get anyone?
Lil B: Weebie, Jeezy, Twista

JJ: What do you think of Lil Wayne?
Lil B:Wayne is the man, we are gonna get his boy Curren$y on something

JJ: What do you think about the DJ Drama/Cannnon stuff?
Lil B: Oh we hopefully can get a gangsta grillz

JJ:Those dudes are in big trouble, they might go to jail
Lil B: What?

JJ: Yea, bit RIAA/CIA swat team raid for bootlegging. They don't know what they do and how vital what they do is to rap music
Lil B:They went to jail? that is some deep shit. For sure.

JJ: I heard some rumors about some distaste for Pharrell, what do you have to say about that?
Lil B: Nah, we down with Pharrell. We are good friends.

JJ: What do you think of Moss in Oakland?
Lil B: I don't know man, I don't know much about that.

JJ: Do you follow Bay Area sports?
Lil B: I got a few teams I like, but I'm not really into football.

JJ: What sports do you watch?
Lil B: I don't really watch sports, I stopped a long time ago.

JJ: I was talking to a friend in Paris and I told him I would be talking to you today and he wanted me to let you know how much they are feeling hyphy and the pack out there
Lil B:Tell him whats up and we are going to try to rock it out there. We would love to get get out to Paris.

JJ:Thanks for your time and best of luck to you guys.
Lil B: Anytime man, keep me updated and tell me whats good.


Jim Jones Dissing Joe Budden

Joe might as well add a permanent "S" to Joe's name at this point.

XXL recently ran a story with their top 10 most anticipated albums of 2007. I can't disagree with putting Lil Wayne at number 1. They also provide some new information on the 'The Carter 3' apparently the first single will be a song called "La La"

1. Lil Wayne

Album Title: Tha Carter 3
Release: Late Second Quarter
Beats: Timbaland,, Scott Storch and Swizz Beats
Features: Twista, Junior Reid and Sizzla
First Single: La La

The other nine most anticipated albums of 2007 are new records by Cassidy, Papoose, Fabolous, Lil Jon, Raekwon, Three 6 Mafia, Chamillionaire, Young Buck and T.I.

Speaking of Raekwon, listen to his first single "My Corner" over at NahRight

Word is that Young Buck's new album isn't going to be called "Buck the World" anymore but "Get Bucked".

There is also a rumor floating around that Mystikal is out of prison. I guess he was released on January 11th and he didn't tell anyone. All eyes on Mystikal. (via HHNLive)

In case you didn't see this earlier in the week, here is an apparent list of Gay Bands via a web site called Love God's Way. Ghostface makes the list via his collab with NeYo which isn't so obvious, but Judas Priest and Le Tigre come on. I think they put DMX and Eminem on there just to piss them off, have they even listed to any DMX or Eminem records over at Love God's Way. Oh and Lil Wayne did make the list....

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lil Scrappy - Oh Yeah (Feat. Sean P & E-40) Video

Also, make sure you check out the FiftyOne:FiftyOne Podcast


Juelz Santana's Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I received a friendly reminder of this filled with gift suggestions today from Mr. Bandanna from Santana's Town. Here are some ideas along with a short explanation for why your this would make your lady happy. This list goes to show two things about Juelz and his gift giving 1)He really wants to sell stuff via his site or 2)He has absolutely no idea what would make a good gift.

Diplomats Embroidered Thongs (pictured above) - These are of top quality material and the finest embroidery art making the perfect gift to your lady. Regular price $19.99, currently on sale at $13.99 (for a limited time). If I got these for my girlfriend and she actually wore them would I brag about this to my friends? I don't think so. That saying she is still my girlfriend after getting her a Dipset thong.

Genuine Sterling Silver Chains - These are only $130 bucks. I don't have to think what my valentine's reaction would be if I surprised her with one of these. I'm pretty sure it would have something to do with the word "dumped"

New Ballin Shirts By Skorpleo on the other hand would make a great gift, I'm sure this would make the lady really happy. Here is a XXXL white t-shirt, happy Valentine's Day (I guess they come in 'small', so this could work).

Juelz Santana & Diplomats Airbrushed Shirts by Paul Labelle, this actually seems like the most sensible gift to give your Valentine from Santana's Town. If given in the correct context it might not actually end the same way giving the Dipset chain would.

In conclusion, do not buy a gift from Santana's Town for your Valentine unless you don't really care about her and you really want the gift when it gets thrown back in your face.

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Lil Flip Rap City Freestyle (1-23-2007)

Flipper over "This Is Why I'm Hot" ain't nothing wrong with this...always really nice on his freestyles. Where did all those rumors about Lil Flip go?

Beyonce's Mustache

And another wife looking good with that camel toe

The best new Optimus Prime picture

MTV2 blog has Clipse tour dates

and NahRight has a ton of stuff up right now, including a Kanye West's "Throw Some D’s" freestyle

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Disco D RIP

I caught news this morning that Disco D has died. My thoughts go to family and friends.

Here is confirmation of the news.

It is a sad day, I was just working on getting a show in Minneapolis for Disco D for a Midwest tour that was to take place in March.

For those that are not familiar with Disco D, he has produced tracks for Trick Daddy ("I Pop") , 50 Cent ("Ski Mask Way") and Lil’ Scrappy (“Right Away”). For more information on his work visit his discography on his official website.

Here is a video from last April of a feature on Disco D aired on CNN

Here is the production video for the 'Hustle Harder' DVD

Monday, January 22, 2007

Juelz Santana - The Second Coming(Nike Commercial)

Nice work Nike.

Nickelback still sucks, and their fan's are starting to realize this.

Ummm, this warrior catches Anaconda with his bare hands. I call him a warrior because I can't believe any person would do this.

J. Biel giving Puff Daddy more reason to check her out. (via The Superficial)

Ian from Different Kitchen was quoted in the NYTimes in an article about the Drama situation.

Check out Sneek from Rock and Roll is Dead on Hiphopgame TV: backstage pass with Young Joc, Grafh & Young Dro

K.S aka Marcel Pagnol who I have posted stuff by before just sent in this Dem Franchize Boys Savage Mix mix.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Memphis Bleek- Back Down (Dipset Diss)

Bleek is worthless, and I'm not just saying that because he is dissing the Dips. Listen for yourself...

Memphis Bleek- Back Down (Dipset Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Bleek going over a 50 Cent track adds to the garbage.

Speaking of garbage, Perez has some really rough looking pictures of Lil Kim.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

P. Diddy is human after all

That is Jessica Biel by the way. I remember those days when young J-Biels was living in the Tufts Dorms. If dropping out of school two semesters short means you get to kick it with Diddy than is all good.

Anyone watch Trailer Park Boys? I've been really getting into that show, here is a picture of what Bubbles really looks like.

Video of Fat Joe visiting Shyne in prision

How did I miss this Trick Daddy, Baby, Plies and Rick Ross track called "Tuck Ya Ice" over at Glamorama

And some crazy good Diplomats stuff as usual over at umeancompetitor


Camron and JR vs Tru Life and Jay Z

The camel on a camel part is the best...

I have no idea what this track is called or why it took so long...this is a low quality version of the track (it is the best I could find).

Camron Feat Jr. Writer - Camel on a Camel (YSI)/(Z-Share)

So many good quotes...Nice work Cam

also..Video of Zeeky going at Jay and Nas, Part 1 and Part 2

I received an email last night that The Game is releasing his fourth 'You Know What It Is" mixtape in the next couple of days called 'The 24 Hour Turnaround'. I don't mean to state the obvious, but apparently it was recorded in 24 hours. Hopefully it will have some shots at HHH and Becks on there.

MixUnit is now selling only official products

Byron Crawford has a DJ Drama update as well as info on his sister.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Juelz Santana & Just Blaze - The Second Coming

This video makes me feel stupid, because for a few minutes last week I started to think that Juelz fell off. It was also the first time I ever saw Steve Nash and thought to myself, that dude is badass.


Donald Trump blames Tom Brady for the Apprentice's low ratings

If you are into this kind of thing, buddyHEAD has some soundboard quality songs of Noel Gallagher and Gem from a show they did a few weeks ago.

Different Kitchen has a link to the Drama/Cannon petition. I wonder if all the other big DJ's are going to slow down what they are doing, it will be interesting to see what happens here.

In case you haven't been paying attention Idolator has a complete run down on the timberland beat stealing scandal

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hell Rell - Cock La Familia (Tru Life diss)

I was surprised the Dips were so quiet for this long. I don't expect that the main three will even address Tru Life but 40 Cal, Ruger Rell and JR will on the other hand.

Hell goes at him pretty good here and even gets a few shots in at Bleek.

This is the best audio there is right now, scroll down a little bit to find it.

Hell Rell - Cock La Familia (Tru Life diss) via

In other news Angelina Jolie is out as Ava Lord in Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For and Rachel Weisz is in. (via Just Jared)

In totally unrelated but very related news...Marvel Studios announced today Gwyneth Paltrow will take on the role of Virginia "Pepper" Potts, personal secretary and confidant to Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Here is the concept art for the Iron Man suit.

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DJ Drama and Don Cannon Arrested For Piracy

I really can't believe this.

DJ Drama and Aphilliate Don Cannon were raided by a SWAT team in conjunction with RIAA anti-piracy agents on piracy charges.

Here is a link to the full report from Atlanta's Fox 5.

DJ Drama and all the Gangsta Grillz mixtapes help the artists, the artists support them. It doesn't matter though, they are clearly going to be made an example of.

Hopefully all the people that have worked with them will come to their support.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Grafh and Petey Pablo

Here is a new Grafh track, Nahright also has a new track called "Justice".

Glow in the Dark (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Here is a link to a new Peety Pablo track off his new album 'Proper Procedures'

Fire (Stream)

Christian Flores finished a new mix called 'Filthy Living' make sure you check it out over at Partytack

Discobelle has the new Kayne West track, and check out Rich London over at 33Jones.

I caught a little bit of the mono, so if posting is slow for the next couple of days you know why.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Now The Game Wants To Beat Up David Beckham

If there wasn't an article in the Guardian about this there is no way I would believe it. First, Jayceon Taylor mentions last week that he is stronger than HHH and now he wants to "Kick Bekham's ass"
I'd kick David Beckham's ass on any given day.I'd just pick the ball up and kick the shit out of the stadium, game over.
Later Game said he thinks Beckham is "pretty good" so, I don't know what is up with this guy.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tru Life Goes Off on the all of Dipset

These tracks (skits) were taken from the new Tru Life Mixtape:

Tru-Life - Hip Hop 101 Gameshow Interlude (Dipset Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Tru-Life - Max B Phone Call Skit (Dipset Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Tru-Life - The Dips Is Ova (Dipset Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Tru-Life - In Dem Jeans (Dipset Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Tru-Life - Running Man Skit (Dipset Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Here is some video of Tru Life talking about the whole situation:

Part 1
Part 2

Anyone know if JR really sold less than Federline? Also, I respect how focused Tru Life is on the fact that Jimmy wears tight jeans. Regardless of if they are tight jeans or not, it is a Donald Trump tactic to be so focused on one aspect of the ether. Tru life better enjoy it while he can because his kufi is going to get smacked all the way across the Atlantic for this (the myspace hack was nothing). My hat goes off to Jay who sure too the high road here and sent his little rookie to go after the Dips. Mission accomplished Jay, people are now going to pay attention to Tru Life. All eyes on Tru.

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True Life Responds to the Myspace Hacking by the Dips

Someone from the Diplomats hacked Tru Life's mypsace, Eskay was quick enough to get the screen shots some screen shots and things over at NahRight. (Screen Shot 1 and Screen Shot 2)

Here is some audio from Tru Life responding to the myspace hack.


Part 2

Thanks to

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Jay-Z Disses Jim Jones On Tru Life's New Mixtape

Ok, it is funny that Jim Jones is in that Borat swimsuit...anyway

Sean Carter's weed carrier Tru Life just released a mixtape called 'Tru York' hosted by J-Love and Tru Life seems to be going to go at the Dips pretty hard on this.

Listen to the "Intro" track at his myspace, it features Jigga going off on Jimmy. You can't say that Jimmy only used the feud as promotions and deny that Jigga is doing the same thing with Tru Life.

Jay-Z and Tru Life - Intro (YSI)/(Z-Share)

In an interview with N.O.R.E. talks about his new album 'Global Warming' and says "I want my album to drop on Easter Sunday to give people a NorEaster". N.O.R.E. is the man.

Discobelle has that new Rich Boy and Lil Jon track called "What It Do". Rich Boy never mentioned working with Lil Jon when I spoke to him last month.

Free iphone spam already?

Star Wars IV reconsidered, this essay really supports the theory that Lucas had it all planned out. I like the idea Chewbacca is so important, and actually owns the Falcon.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Jim Jones, Hell Rell, And Freeky Zeeky

Here is some new Diplomats Freestyles off the new Big Mike & Nu Jerzey Devil 'American Ganstas #2'. I must warn you all these have Big Mike talking over parts of the tracks, but they are still worth checking out.

Jim Jones & Freeky Zeeky - Eastside Riders (YSI)/(Z-Share) (To the beat of "Get Em Girls" by Camron off 'Purple Haze')

Jim Jones - We Thuggin (YSI)/(Z-Share) (To the beat of Young Jeezy "I Love It")

Hell Rell - Throw Some Keys On It (YSI)/(Z-Share) (From "Throw Some D's" by Rich Boy)

Be on the look out for 'Writers Block 4' on February 13th

Congrats goes out to Jim Jones, "We Fly High" has hit #1 on the Rap Radio Charts on R&R/Billboard making it Jim's first #1 career single.

So, it has been decided that the birthday video isn't Cam but it has been Dipset all day today.

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The Game vs Triple H "The Game"

Maybe a bit more relevant than Rosie vs Donald...

The Game aka Jacyceon Taylor is not happy with the WWE, he claims that he was the first "game". He has gone as far to challenge The Game (HHH) aka Paul Michael Levesque to a wrestling match. Jacyceon says:
I'm much stronger than (wrestler The Game) is. I was 'The Game' long before he came about. He's on TV wrestling and it's pretend, made up. I wrestle in real life and I win.
Source PR Inside

Someone better explain to Jacyceon that Paul Michael is out for about six months with a torn right quadriceps

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Camron's 18th Birthday Party! Video

I only know what I am told, and that this is a video from Camron's 18th Birthday party at Chili's.

Please note: while it does really look like Cam and the Roc shirt adds fuel to my belief it is, I can't confirm it is him.

Check Different Kitchen for the John Legend feat. Pusha-T (of Clipse) "Heaven (remix)"

The Blender Blog has a Clipse interview up as well. In this interview they mention being in the studio working on 'We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3: The Spirit of Competition--We Just Think We Better' which. They also admit their album sales suck and that the beats from the 4th quarter were weak, taking a jab at the "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" beat.

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Camron Speaks on Koch Records

Further proof that Camron is still alive. Looks like next week we will have even more from Killa.

Camron - Kay Slay Interview speaking on Koch Records (YSI)/(Z-Share)

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Beckham signs with LA Galaxy

Lil Flip - Ghetto Mindstate (Featuring Lyfe Jennings) Video

Remember to enter the Lady Sovereign + Swatch Contest mentioned below.

The LP you play to make burglars think you're at home is now an MP3

A superhero assists the police in Britain

A review of the iphone from someone who has used it

The Superficial has the real reason why Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz broke up, big surprise that it has to do with Scarlett Johansson.

While on the topic of Timberlake, have you heard the new version of his new single "What Goes Around...Comes Around"? Also, what do you know about his new movie 'Black Snake Moan'? I really can't miss a movie that has Christina Ricci half-naked and chained to a radiator.

Different Kitchen has some new Stephen Marley things. If you don't know, his new album is called "Mind Control" and is out March 20th.

Here is a link to the "Traffic Jam" video, it's got Damian and Ziggy in it.

Finally, check your coins

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lady Sovereign + Swatch Contest

Lady Sovereign's album, Public Warning is out now and Still-Listen will be hosting a contest for one person to win a Swatch courtesy of Lady Sovereign and Def Jam. There will be one winner and you do not get to pick which Swatch you win but hey, its a free Swatch.

One (1) winner will win:

- 1 Swatch watch
- 1 Lady Sovereign glossy photo
- 1 CD sampler

In order to enter, please send an email along to The only catch is, you must opt-in your email address to win. It'll be for the Lady Sovereign/Def Jam newsletter. Some examples of the Swatch you might win are shown below (click on image for a bigger picture).


JR Writer - Writers Block Vol. 4

Coming out on February 13th, Duke Da God and Diplomat Records present 'Writer's Block Vol. 4'

JR Writer - Get Em (Stream)

Track Listing:
1. Live From the Kitchen
2. Critically Acclaimed
3. I’m a Hustler
4. You Don’t Know Me
5. Get Em
6. Switch it Up feat. Hell Rell
7. Skit
8. What Set you Claim
9. Over Drive feat. 40 Cal
10. Back in the Lab
11. In My Zone feat. Hell Rell
12. Cover Shot feat. Fred Money
13. Freestyle
14. Kill Em Everytime
15. I Gotta Make It

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Lil Wayne - Broken Jaw

According to Mary Bowlin (J&M Entertainment/Gillie The Kid's Publicist), Lil' Wayne's jaw was broken at a tour stop this past weekend. Apparently Lil Wayne became involved in a heated argument with a fellow entourage member, it all ended with the argument coming to blows and Lil Wayne receiving a broken jaw. I'm not sure why Gillie The Kid's Publicist has anything to say about this unless she is strictly trying to get involved because it is such a bad look for Wayne to get beaten down by someone in his entourage.
Source HHNLive

While on the topic of Lil Wayne, here are a couple of things you should check out. If you haven't yet downloaded 'Lil Weezyana' from the Young Money web site, do it now. It is a free mixtape being offered by Young Money and Weezy F B has never sounded so good.

Lil Wayne - Famous (YSI)/(Z-Share) (From 'Lil Weezyana')

Lil Wayne - Stuntin Like My Daddy(vyle remix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

What would happen if Jay-Z & Beyonce had a daughter?

Dipset member Max B. is being held On $2 Million Bail for murder after the rapper was charged with robbing and murdering a man in his hotel room in Fort Lee, New Jersey last September. The judge must have figured that bail would be paid no question, Max B is Balllllin, right?

Andre the Giant drank 7,000 calories worth of booze every day

A big shout goes out to Willy Joy, his Flybynight, Vol. 1 mixtape is now available at the TTL.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Memphis Bleek - Black Republican Freestyle

Memphis Bleek - Black Republican Freestyle (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Joe Budden - Unforgiven over at Nah Right

Some hot pictures of Keira Knightley here....nahright

and Paris Hilton's breast fell out last night

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Peedi Crakk Interview Dissing Dipset

Taken from the Cocaine City 7 DVD

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I'm sure you have heard about the iphone already. If you haven't, here is a quick run down with all the important info.

Only Cingular users can use the phone. Cingular will be the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the United States through a multi-year deal.

You will start seeing people with the phone in June. The price will be based on a 2-year contract: a 4 GB model for $499, and an 8 GB model for $599.

As far as the features, the iphone will have photos, camera, widescreen video, internet, email, music.

Donald Trump's Letter to Rosie

Trump had wrote this letter to Rosie today.
Dear Rosie,

I hope you had a wonderful vacation with your wife -- you needed the rest.

An article in today's New York Post, indicates that you blew up at Barbara Walter for being a 'liar.' Actually, I don't blame you, but in fact she lied to both of us! After your maniacal and foolish rant against me two weeks ago, Barbara called me from her vacation (I did not call her) in order to apologize for your behavior. She had heard that I was going to retaliate against you and tried to talk me out of it. She very much wanted me to go on the show as soon as she got back so that she could 'patch things up' (I said no). To be exact, she said that 'working with her is like living in hell' and, more pointedly, 'Donald never get into the mud with pigs' and, 'don't worry, she won't be here for long.' Barbara knows exactly what she told me over the phone and she has to live with it. Perhaps that's why her initial statement was so mild!

In another incident, when I saw her eating at Le Cirque about two months ago and asked how 'Rosie was doing,' 'she sarcastically rolled her eyes and said 'Donald, do you have to ruin my meal.'

In any event, you have a good reason to be angry. Please give my warmest regards to Kelly!

Sincerely, Donald J. Trump


I was surprised that you let your spat with Barbara get into the newspapers, but, as I have always said and as you proved with Rosie, the magazine, you are very self destructive. You must work on this for your own good!


Rosie vs Barbara

The New York Post is reporting that a confrontation went down on Monday in the makeup room between Barbara Walters and Rosie O'Donnell spotted via Perez.

Here is full detail of the fight according to Page Six:

- The fight started around 8:30 a.m. when Walters walked into the hair and makeup room at ABC studios and tried to hug O'Donnell.
- According to spies, O'Donnell recoiled from Walters' touch and yelled, "You kept me in the newspapers this whole time!"
- Both View producer Bill Geddie and Walters tried to calm O'Donnell. Walters told her, "I did everything I could to squash the story" - prompting Rosie to scream, "You didn't call me for 10 goddamn days, and you didn't tell me what you were going to say on television!"
- During her vacation, Walters issued a carefully worded statement saying, "I'm sorry there is friction between Donald and Rosie. That said, I do not regret for one moment my choice to hire Rosie O'Donnell as the moderator of The View. "
- After O'Donnell's outburst at Walters yesterday, Geddie jumped in and told her, "You've crossed the line." O'Donnell retorted, "Cameras are now outside of my house where my wife and kids are." She turned to Walters and said, "You went all around this and never called [Trump] a liar. You never said, 'Donald is lying.' You never called him a liar."
- When Walters tried to defend herself, O'Donnell erupted, "Are you looking me in the face and denying you didn't tell him you didn't say this? You're a fucking liar."

In case you missed it last night on WWE there was a fake Trump vs a fake Rosie, as soon as I find a link to a clip of this I will put it up.

On a different front:

Ian at Notes From a Different Kitchen posted the Fat Joe Feat. R. Kelly, T.I., Lil Wayne, Baby & Rick Ross - Make It Rain Remix.

Info on the ipod cell phone.

Most awaited Nintendo DS games for 2007

I was recently emailed the most recent version of the Asylum Release schedule and some notable release dates are:

Mike Jones - American Dream - 04/03/07
Paul Wall - Get Money Stay True - 04/03/07
Cam'ron - Shade of Black - 04/24/07
DukeDaGod - Writer's Block - 02/13/07

I am crossing my fingers for 'Shade of Black' to be released this summer.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Where Has Camron Been?

I no longer have to stay awake at night wondering what Cam is doing...Dude has been busy on his mountain bike

Lil Wayne is to host internet reality show called “Making The Next Hit” I will be following this very closely.

If you really want to see Kate Moss topless go right ahead, this picture is NSFW so be warned. (via The Superficial)

If you missed Rosie is getting dissed by Jin, here you go...

Jin ft. Donald Trump - Ether (Chinese remix) (Rosie Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Will the feud ever end? Rosie has opened up the next round by working on a painting of Trump.

Video clip via the great Rosie blog.

I don't mean to pimp out any of the ads on this site, I try to keep them as out of site as possible, but how slick is the new Fresh Good Friday Hat? In case you don't know Lids has a new limited edition hat the first Friday of every month. They are only available for a month and then they are gone (also not available in stores). Anyway, I'm loving this Moonman hat.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Jin ft. Donald Trump - Ether (Rosie Diss)

Jin ft. Donald Trump - Ether (Chinese remix) (Rosie Diss) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

There is nothing to be said about all.

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Friday Things

So, it turns out my tipster might have been on to something when a few weeks ago it was predicted that Justin Timberlake would start dating Scarlett Johansson. Perez is now reporting it, so it must be true.

If Friday afternoon finds you in an e-card sending kind of mood here is the Justin Timberlake/Pink tour e-card. Send it to your little sister, or little brother.

On February 27th Slim Thug and Boss Hogg Outlawz will be releasing 'Serve & Collect' via Koch Records. A winter with releases from Slim Thug and Mike Jones might just make me feel like it is 2005 again. I'm looking forward to hearing the new Killa Kyleon tracks. Also coming out on February 27th on Koch is the new B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz record.

Tracklisting for 'Serve and Collect':
1. “Recognize A Playa” feat. PJ, Chris Ward, Slim Thug, Sir Daily
2. “Back 2 Front” feat. Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug, Sir Daily
3. “Boss Hoggin” – Slim Thug
4. “Cheatin” – Rob Smallz feat. Slim Thug
5. “Side To Side” – Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug, Sir Daily
6. “Pockets Full of Paper” – PJ feat. Slim Thug
7. “Give It Up” – Slim Thug, PJ, Chris Ward
8. “I’m A G” – Slim Thug, PJ, Young Black, Chris Ward
9. “Heat On My Side” – Killa Kyleon, J Dawg, PJ
10. “Straight Outta Texas” – Sir Daily, PJ, J Dawg
11. “For The G’s” – Chris Ward, Black, PJ, Slim Thug
12. “Keep It Real” – Chris Ward
13. “I’m A Hogg” – Slim Thug, Sir Daily, PJ, Chris Ward
14. “Ridin 4’s” – J Dawg feat. Slim Thug
15. “Wood Wheel” – Sir Daily
16. “Got To Get It” – Slim Thug, PJ, B Chris, Young Black, Chris Ward
17. “Plan To See” – Killa Kyleon

Some of these Slim Thugger tracks are available on his myspace.

33 Jones threw up some new Peedi Peedi tracks the other day. Peedi just released a new Mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid called 'Torture (Crack is Back)'. 33 Jones has links to the mixtape and a good throwback video as well.

I don't like to get too into politics on here, but this really shocked me. Link from the White House.
The executive branch shall construe subsection 404(c) of title 39, as enacted by subsection 1010(e) of the Act, which provides for opening of an item of a class of mail otherwise sealed against inspection, in a manner consistent, to the maximum extent permissible, with the need to conduct searches in exigent circumstances, such as to protect human life and safety against hazardous materials, and the need for physical searches specifically authorized by law for foreign intelligence collection
More at Notes from A Different Kitchen.

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Saigon Rap City Freestyle (1-4-2007)


Tactic presents Money Shot v.2

Straight outta Kansans City, Tactic brings on their mix 'Money Shot V.2'.

Tactic – Money Shot v.2 (YSI)/(Z-Share)

1. Amerie – Take Control
2. U-Tern – Set Your Flag On Fire
3. The Pack – At The Club Instrumental
4. Robbie Williams – Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Dub Mix)
5. Stereotyp ft. RQM – Nothing But Love
6. Young Sneed – Bounce Dat (DJ A Remix)
7. Tepr ft. Grand Marnier – Minuit Jacuzzi
8. Diplo – Shake It Over And Over
9. Lady Sovereign ft. Missy Elliot – Love Me Or Hate Me Remix
10. The Rapture – Get Myself In To It (SebastiAn Remix)
11. De La Soul – Me, Myself, And I (White Girl Lust Acid Edit)
12. Ying Yang Twins ft. Wyclef Jean – Dangerous
13. E-40 ft. Juelz Santana – White Gurl (Them Jeans Re-Edit)
14. Big Gipp & Ali – Go Head (Them Jeans 115 Re-edit)
15. DJ Mehdi – Saharian Break
16. Phon.o ft. TinTin – Pimpin TinTin


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mike Jones - The American Dream

I left 'The American Dream' off the most anticipated releases of the year list and I don't know how I could have. "Mr. Jones" might be the hottest track I have heard so far this year. The word is that 'The American Dream' is going to be released on February 14.

Producers on the album are said to be Cool and Dre, Scott Storch, amongst others. I'm told guests include Paul Wall, Bun B, Pimp C, Scarface, Trae, Diddy, T-Pain, Z-Ro, and Jim Jones. I can only hope that the Jimmy Jones/Mike Jones track is called something like "Keeping up with the Joneses".

Here are some audio streams of the first single from 'The American Dream'

Mike Jones - Mr. Jones (quicktime) (windows)

On a completely unrelated note, in honor of their 25th anniversary Thrasher has posted their first twelve issues online in their entirety. Issue five contains the important guide to constructing your very own skateboard ramp and you can't ignore the first issue on indoor skateboarding.


Pitbull's Dedication For The Troops

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Them Jeans - Rich Boy and Trick Daddy Remixes

More from Them Jeans

Trick Daddy - Suck on the Clit (Them Jeans Remix) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Rich Boy - Throw Some D's (Them Jeans Spinto Band Blend) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

Thanks to Jason for being cool with these going up. If you didn't grab the "Final Countdown" remix, make sure you do.

Not sure how I feel about this, what do you guys think? Shout to Hec for sending this in.

Want to see a nice tattoo?

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Donald Trump vs Rosie O' Donnell Round 2

On the view this morning Barbra Walters finally spoke up about Trump's claims that Barbra regrets having Rosie on the view:
Donald Trump [claimed] that I am not happy with my decision to bring Rosie O'Donnell to this table. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have never regretted, nor do I now, the hiring of Rosie O'Donnell. She has brought a new vitality to the show, and the ratings prove it.
Meanwhile Trump continues the ether and goes straight for Barbra now calling her a liar.

Everyone gets a kick out of this right?

Also for those interested here is Ivanka Trump's blog (Trump's Daughter). Ivanka is also the co-host of the new season of The Apprentice.

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Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have broken up

My tipster let me know about this break up earlier in the week. This information first came when it was reported that Scarlett Johansson was to be in the new video for "What Goes Around (Comes Around)" (new JT single) and now I have learned that the split happened in early/mid December...

Remember in Lost in Translation when Scarlett Johansson's character gets all jealous of the character that so obviously is Cameron Diaz? It all comes full circle.

My tipster also suggested that we will soon hear that JT is with Scarlett.


vyle. - Icebox Freestyle

Photo by Clayton Hauck

Regular visitors to the vyle. myspace page might have already heard this new vyle. track from "Oh I Think Dey Like Hoodtronics Vol 2". vyle. sent me an mp3 so you don't have to worry about any myspace buffering issues.

vyle. - Backstage Exit SMS (Icebox Freestyle) (YSI)/(Z-Share)

vyle. also has a show February 17th in Chicago with Uffie as part of the BPM tour

"Oh I Think Dey Like Hoodtronics Vol 2" will be out in the spring, hopefully April.


Michael Jackson and to work on comback album sums it up perfectly with this quote from entertainment:
He could go anywhere. I think we have a real opportunity to do something here. It's either gonna be really big or nobody's gonna care. Ain't no middle ground on this one.
For those who don't already know, is working with Michael Jackson on his comeback album. Chris Brown is listed as a confirmed rumor to collaborate on the record. Other names being rumored are Akon, DJ Whoo Kid and Usher. has had a pretty big year and I agree with this article from XXL's Bryon Crawford about being "Hip-Hop's new go-to guy"

Regardless, the new MJ record will be interesting...I hope can deal with Michael Jackson writing songs while he is sitting up in a tree.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Huey - Pop, Lock and Drop It (Video)

Not since Nelly's 'Tip Drill' video (excluding the October 28th Would Series win) have I been so proud of the Lou, for those curious...


Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter (Video)

Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter (Windows Media Video Link) (Ram Video Link)

Is it too early to say this could be his year?

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Talib Kweli and Madlib - Liberation

I rarely get into this side of rap, but I endorse the principle behind what Talib is doing here. Talib Kweli and producer Madlib have released their nine-song collaboration titled 'Liberation'. This release is available as a free download and with cover art via This concept succeeds and people that would have passed on this release will no doubt listen and might even really like it.

Spotted via Idolator

Talib Kweli isn't the only person who supports downloads, the creators of South Park have stated that they support episode downloading. I watched some of Season 8 yesterday, I really suggest the 'AWESOM-O' Episode.

Discobelle has a Rich Boy remix of 'Throw Some D's" with Rick Ross and The Game. This will be enough to hold me over until the Jim Jones verse gets added.

Play the Original Super Mario Bros. in 3D

Anybody catch this Rose Bowl slip?